Why Did Mr Beast Get Arrested? What Led to This?

Jimmy Donaldson, or MrBeast as he is known on the internet, is Oprah for YouTube. The huge personality from the internet became worldwide famous by first creating a genre of YouTube videos wherein its users were doing ridiculously complex and expensive feats of public performance.

Between recreating sets that seem almost true to life from our favorite shows and movies to even funding surgeries for blind people to allow them to see, MrBeast’s escapades with his finances would seem almost too good to be true.

However, he was recently arrested, but what caused his arrest? Read through to find out

What Was the Reasons Behind MrBeast’s Arrest?

Another YouTuber had MrBeast arrested in one of the most elaborate pranks. Eric David Decker’s YouTube channel goes by the name Airrack and he has been planning to get even with MrBeast for over a year now and finally got him arrested.

Airrack explained it all in his own YouTube channel where he recorded chronologically the events that had led to the arrest of MrBeast. Airrack is another YouTuber who performs costly stunts and so, they are considered friends with MrBeast.

But not usual it is for them to play pranks on each other. Mr. Beast once played a minor prank on Airrack by bringing in one of Airrack’s producers. The guy pretended he was leaving the team and moving over to MrBeast’s channel, but it turned out as another joke of Airrack.

Why Did Airrack Prank, Mr. Beast?

He was then put in the back of the squad car by Mr. Beast officially told by the officer that there was a warrant out for his arrest due to “communicating threats.”

They then locked him up in a holding cell and denied him food or water. When he was finally given his one phone call, it was Airrack who picked up to reveal the prank.

Decker explained to Jimmy that this prank was to get back at him for hiring his best friend Tyler Blanchard to work on the Airrack channel just because he found it funny.

Final Thought

Soon, when the arrest clip of MrBeast started circulating, the misinformation that got concentrated was about what could be the reason behind his arrest.

Most of them claim he was arrested because of tax evasion as they thought most of the money he makes, he spends on challenges for charity like helping 1,000 blind people to see for the first time.