Why Did Walt Take Action Against Mike? Any Specific Motivations?

Unlike ordinary shows, Breaking Bad took daring leaps by fearlessly eliminating beloved characters. It constantly kept everyone guessing, never allowing them to feel too comfortable or certain about the plot. So, why did Walt take action against Mike? Read on to find out.

Why Did Walt Take Action Against Mike?

In a heated argument, Walter White took revenge on Mike Ehrmantraut because Mike insulted him and hurt his pride. 

Mike saw Walter as someone with a big ego who couldn’t stand being controlled by Gustavo Fring and wanted to be the boss himself. While they were arguing, Mike calmly grabbed the bag from Walter’s hand and got into his car.

Just as Mike realized something was missing from his bag, he saw Walter pointing a gun at him through the car window. Without hesitation, Walter fired a shot at Mike. 

Despite the intense pain and blood pouring from his wound, Mike still tried to drive away. However, he didn’t get very far before crashing into a rock, leaving Walter to reflect on his actions.

Feeling guilty, Walter rushed to Mike’s car and discovered that his former ally had escaped from the crashed vehicle. Following a trail of bloody footprints, Walter found Mike near the riverbank, barely staying upright and listening to the peaceful flow of the water during his final moments.

Whenever Walter tried to speak or apologize, Mike silenced him and pleaded with Walter to let him die in peace. Fans of Breaking Bad often consider this moment as the beginning of the end for Walter White and the rise of the notorious drug lord, Heisenberg.

Why Did Skyler Stay With Walter?

Skyler White chose to stay married to Walter because she knew that the chaos that entered their lives originally stemmed from his love for their family. 

When Walter White first started making meth, it was to secure enough money for his family’s future, considering his cancer diagnosis and impending death. 

Walter took a dark path to earn the necessary funds for his cancer treatment and to provide for his family’s financial stability after his passing. 

As a caring father, he prioritized ensuring his wife, disabled son, and newborn daughter would never go without their needs being met, even if it meant putting his own safety at risk. 

When Skyler discovered what her husband was doing, she was shocked, but she also understood the kind of person Walter was. 

Once the initial shock subsided, Skyler was able to see the logical steps Walter had taken and became a valuable partner in his business endeavors. 

While Walter cooked and dealt meth, Skyler maintained the appearance of an innocent car wash owner. During Walter’s off-hours as Heisenberg, he worked at the car wash to earn extra money and establish credibility.

Final Thoughts

Walter White’s initial intentions were overshadowed by Heisenberg’s thirst for power, driven by paranoia, causing him to prioritize his business over his loved ones.

The need to keep his true identity a secret, combined with the physical toll of his cancer, transformed Walter into someone unrecognizable from the person Skyler had married.