Why Did Walter Kill Mike? What Drove Him to Such a Drastic Act?

Why Did Walter Kill Mike? The character of Mike Ehrmantraut in the widely watched television series “Breaking Bad” tragically lost his life at the hands of Walter White. The scene is crucial to the plot of the show because it establishes Walter’s character arc at a turning point and sets up the dramatic conclusion of the series.

Why Did Walter Kill Mike?

Walter felt offended by Mike’s candid comments about his behavior, so he killed him on a whim. Mike was just pointing out the facts—that Walter’s former successful arrangement had been destroyed by his growing greed and megalomania.

Walter killed Mike because of his damaged pride, which led him to act rashly.

Mike saw Walt as a conceited individual who was unable to accept being led by Gustavo Fring and who yearned to be in charge.

Ehrmantraut calmly takes the bag from White’s hand and gets into his car as the two men start screaming at each other.

Mike Ehrmantraut notices Walter White shooting at him with his handgun from outside his car window, right as he realizes something is missing from his bag.

Ehrmantraut continues to attempt to drive away despite the excruciating pain and the blood gushing from his wound.

Before Ehrmantraut can go very far, he collides with a rock, leaving White to consider what he just did.

Walter White rushes to Ehrmantraut’s car to try and make things right, only to discover that his erstwhile comrade has escaped from his overturned car.

A trail of bloody footprints leads White back to the riverbank, where in the last moments of his life, Ehrmantraut is barely sitting upright and listening to the sound of calm waters flowing.

Ehrmantraut quickly hushes White and begs that he be allowed to pass away peacefully when White tries to speak up or apologize.

What is the plot of the film “Breaking Bad”?

The show Breaking Bad centers on Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a chemistry teacher who resides in New Mexico with his teenage son (RJ Mitte), who has cerebral palsy, and his wife (Anna Gunn).

White receives a two-year prognosis after being diagnosed with Stage III cancer.

Because of his improved medical prognosis and his desire to provide for his family, White decides to venture into the perilous world of drugs and crime, where he rises to prominence.

The show follows White’s journey from a nice family man to the head of the drug trade, examining how a fatal diagnosis like his frees a regular man from the worries and limitations of everyday life.

Final Words

Walter White’s decision to kill Mike Ehrmantraut was a turning point in the story of “Breaking Bad”. It showed the lengths that Walter was willing to go to protect himself and his empire, and it led to tragic consequences for other characters.