Why Did Alan Thicke Move to the United States? What Prompted This Decison?

I bet you’d be surprised if I told you that Alan Thicke is Canadian. Alan Thicke who is a beloved Canadian actor, songwriter, and television host, made a significant move across the border to the United States, leaving many curious about the reasons behind his decision. Well if you’re among those asking this question, then you’re find this page really helpful.

Why Did Alan Thicke Move to the United States?

One of the main bases among the many that Alan Thicke was to take was the romance in Hollywood. Canada, while having a thriving entertainment industry, did not offer the same level of opportunities and exposure as the United States, particularly in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles.

Driven by the zeal and desire to have his name accredited to the competitive entertainment industry he aimed to be ‘on the move’.

The United States will offer a big stage for Thicke to showcase his talent in whatever capacity he takes up, be it acting, songwriting, or hosting. Hollywood is also rich with networks that have industry connections and more outlets, which shall assure Thicke lucrative raptures as he sours to gain his career to new pinnacles in the United States.

Alan Thicke Inducted Into Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame

Beloved TV sitcom dad Alan Thicke is being inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame on Friday for a three of popular theme songs he helped create

The bouncing opening numbers for prime-time classics “The Facts of Life,” “Diff’rent Strokes” and game show “Wheel of Fortune” have already insured the late actor’s lasting tribute, since he grew up in Kirkland Lake, Ont., within songs that were forever tied to the vivid lives lived in a very special oceanfront apartment building.

His son, singer Robin Thicke, will join ceremonies to induct him Friday at 9 a.m. on Global’s “The Morning Show.

Thicke died of a heart attack in 2016 at the age of 69. While the actor will be forever joined to his successful career with “Growing Pains,” where he portrayed Jason Seaver, the psychiatrist dad, he did dabble in songwriting and was known to have helped write over 40 television themes.

Final Thoughts

The opportunity of Alan Thicke to America was a verge to a prosperous career. Strong eagerness in chasing his dream in Hollywood, being diversely dynamic in the American environment of entertainment, made him fit.

This moving helped him scale at greater heights with his career but also strategically enriched his personal and professional life.

In a word, the story of Thicke tells young performers to dare and take one step towards the passion and ambition.