Why Did Alicia Keys Leave the Voice? What Truly Happened?

Why Did Alicia Keys Leave the Voice? In the short time that America has had the opportunity to witness music icon Alicia Keys take on a new position as one of the four coaches on The Voice, practically everyone has come to appreciate her sound advice and lovely personality, but all of that came to an end so soon.

What Caused Alicia Keys to Leave the Voice?

Keys spoke at length with Entertainment Tonight about the cause for her unexpected resignation and what this means for her professional life.

In the interview, Keys remarked, “I’m ready for the next one already, which was kind of the plan the whole time.” “I wanted to release Here because they have a statement body of work, and my next body of work is currently in the works. I’m thrilled!”

Noting that the project takes a long time, Keys said that she was about halfway through it and expressed her genuine excitement for people to hear what she’s been working on.

Fellow coach Blake Shelton virtually scoffed at such remarks, saying he anticipated it to all be a fake and she’d be back on set once filming began for the new season.

They were sad to see Alicia Keys leave her position as a coach on The Voice, but thrilled for her to pursue her aspirations and create new music. Hopefully, she will return in the future when she is able to.

What Happened to Keys’ Voice During the Super Bowl?

Many of you who were paying close attention may have noticed that Alicia’s voice broke as she sang the opening line of the chorus as she began her live performance of “If I Ain’t Got You” during the Super Bowl.

The crack didn’t stop Alicia, who was the epitome of professionalism, from giving an almost faultless performance the rest of the way.

Your voice can break during a live performance, which can be particularly dangerous on a platform as large as the Super Bowl.

You could be forgiven for not seeing that Alicia had broken at all if you missed the halftime performance live and wanted to watch it again later.

It turns out that the first note was rendered utterly unintelligible by post-performance editing by Apple or the NFL.

This shows that though the incident was seen by over 100 million people and most of them probably recall it, the official tape has been altered to remove the crack.

Final Words

Alicia Keys is more than simply a singer and songwriter; to millions of people worldwide, she is an inspiration, an icon, and a role model. Her journey has served as a source of courage and hope for countless people, and her music has touched hearts and minds.