Why Did Ariana Grande Go Blonde? What Prompted This Decision?

Why Did Ariana Grande Go Blonde? When Ariana Grande decided to go blonde, it made headlines around the world. Was it just a change of style, or was there more to it? Some have speculated that the switch to blonde was symbolic of a fresh start, while others have suggested it was simply a way to reinvent her image.

Why Ariana Grande Go Blonde

First, Ariana Grande went blonde, most likely to play Glinda in the upcoming Wicked film. Then she started switching off her iconic ponytail for bangs, pigtails, and even ’40s-inspired rolls.

She’s now letting her hair down completely, which is the celebrity beauty counterpart of a five-alarm fire. Grande was featured in an advertising video for her beauty brand, r.e.m. beauty, with no ponytail visible.

The musician’s creamy blonde hair is separated on one side and fashioned with gentle curls over one shoulder and down her back.

Her hair isn’t completely down; some of it is pushed back and pinned near one ear, but by Grande’s standards, this is an example of a long and loose style.

What is the Real Colour of Ariana Grande’s Hair?

Ariana Grande has a naturally light brown hair that leans toward curls and has warm undertones. Many others were taken aback by this discovery, as they were only familiar with her distinctive dark locks.

She blew up in 2020 when she shared her curly hair photo on Instagram. Never heard of it before. By applying this persona, she gave people an opportunity to see how different she is from her public image which she uses when she is in front of the cameras.

She was the first to revise her natural dark brown hair to blonde for the role of “wicked”. We have to be careful with that because her hair`s natural state certainly was changed through at least somewhat regular coloring and styling.

Yes, it certainly has a high ponytail that became her distinctive style, but she also is known for occasionally donning different looks and hues that tend to complement her brown tint and natural hair texture.

Was Ariana Grande Forced to Dye Her Hair?

Ariana Grande might not have been explicitly forced to dye her hair red for her role in the Nickelodeon sitcom “Victorious.”

However, the demands of the character and the show’s production significantly impacted her hair health and contributed to her signature high ponytail look.

Cat, Grande’s character, stood out for her vibrant red hair. To stay consistent, she had to tint her naturally brown hair red every other week during the show’s four seasons.

Final Words

While Ariana Grande may have had personal motivations for wanting to try a blonde appearance, the primary impetus behind her hair transition was certainly her desire to authentically represent Glinda the Good Witch in the upcoming “Wicked” movie.