Why Did Alison Brie Leave Glow? What Led to This?

I know fans are concern about the sudden cancelation of Alison Brie’s show. The actress is talking about how GLOW got canceled by Netflix nearly two years ago. Even though she’s onto new projects, the show about female wrestlers still holds a special place in her heart.

Why Did Alison Brie Leave Glow?

She didn’t really leave Glow, the show was Cancelled by Netflix. In August 2019, Netflix said yes to a fourth and final season of GLOW. But when COVID-19 hit, things changed.

They had started filming the last season for about three weeks, but the pandemic made them stop. It was in October 2020 that Netflix said the show wouldn’t continue.

The decision came after the challenges brought by the coronavirus outbreak, impacting the plans that were initially set in motion.

 Did Alison Brie Leaves the Community Show

Alison Brie left “Community” due to scheduling conflicts and a desire to pursue diverse career opportunities. With the growing popularity, Alison more often found it impossible to combine her obligations in the show with other commitments for the movies and TV.

Another cause that made her leave was the wish to extend the acting profile and look for new challenges lying outside the field of the comedy series.

Also to that, development of her character Annie Edison for personal own reasons where she wanted to be living a healthy life on the grounds of work-life were just a but the few reasons she exited.

Final Thoughts

GLOW Season 2 kicked off on Netflix in June 2018, with Season 3 following in August 2019. Netflix then said yes to a fourth and final season in September 2019. Sadly, in October 2020, they changed their minds because of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving some storylines hanging.

With Season 4 canceled, the cast and fans started asking Netflix for a GLOW feature film to wrap things up properly. Everyone wanted a chance to give the story the ending it deserved.