Why Did Alicia Keys Start a Skincare Line? What Inspired Her?

Alicia Keys who is famous for her realness and great singing, started a skincare line called Keys Soulcare. People are curious about why she got into skincare. Alicia may often tend to show her natural beauty without make-up, and this new venture seems to match the true sense of herself.

She wants us to understand why she decided to start this journey in skincare by relating it with her own story, overall well-being, and the values one believes in.

Why Did Alicia Keys Start Her Skincare Line?

Because she’s an inspiring black woman who wants to explore every bit of the business world. The Grammy Award-winning artist, whose proud bare face was a signature of years gone by, has introduced Keys Soulcare, a line of values she’s trying to share for self-care and authentic beauty.

It is an artistic reflection fit for well-welcoming individuals on a journey toward wellness and leaning into uniqueness, whether that means the power of self-love or embracing true natural beauty in the form of taking care of your body from the inside out.

What Products Will Keys Soulcare Launch With? 

Keys Soulcare is still holding most of the products close to its chest, but what is known at the moment is that the first launch—an event that Affect staffers have taken to calling a “ritual”—will include a sage and oat milk candle, as well as two skin care products that have yet to be revealed.

An additional product will be available around soon, while the complete range would be launched early in 2024, including skincare, body care, and hair care- clean cruelty-free, dermatologist-created.

The announcement added a note that Keys Soulcare will go on to contribute some of the proceeds to charitable non-profit organizations and shared more information coming.

Final Thoughts

Last month, the Grammy winner, who notoriously took to the red carpet without makeup just as freely as she did with it, announced that she would launch a skin-care line this year with E.L.F. Beauty Inc.

Keys’s new lifestyle beauty brand is “a culmination of Keys’s personal skincare journey and her passion for bringing light into the world,” said a press release, and will enable her “further to explore conversations about inner beauty, wellness, and connection.