Why Did Amanda Leave Traitors? What Unraveled Behind the Scenes?

Why did Amanda leave Traitors? Amanda Clark-Stoner, a contestant on The Traitors, was unexpectedly removed from the competition, leaving fans wondering about the reason behind her departure. Read on to find out the reason.

Why Did Amanda Leave Traitors?

In an Instagram Reel, Amanda explained that she had to leave early because she tested positive for COVID-19. Despite taking precautions such as wearing masks and quarantining, she still contracted the virus. 

Amanda expressed her disappointment, feeling like her dreams and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity had been snatched away. 

However, she remains grateful that the other faithful participants didn’t banish her and the traitors didn’t eliminate her while she was still in the game. 

With unfinished business in the castle, Amanda hinted at seeking revenge in the future.

The Traitors’ Amanda Clark-Stoner Sets The Record Straight

Amanda addressed two assumptions surrounding her departure from The Traitors. Firstly, she clarified that she didn’t leave because she was pregnant, as the show was filmed eight months ago. However, she did mention that she and her husband plan to start IUI treatment soon. 

Secondly, Amanda denied the rumor that she quit, stating, “Your girl is not a quitter.” She emphasized her dedication as a faithful participant, expressing her determination to keep going even if she had faced physical obstacles. 

Amanda humorously concluded her video by asking host Alan Cumming when he would host another murder mystery party and reminding him not to forget her invitation.

Amanda’s early exit from The Traitors due to COVID-19 was surprising, especially considering the precautions she had taken. 

Speculation arose that the first day of filming wasn’t the original start date due to a cast member testing positive for the virus and being replaced by an undisclosed alternate. It’s possible that Amanda contracted the illness during the filming process, but this remains speculative.

Amanda’s departure saddened fans, as she had shown great potential to outwit the traitors with her impressive gameplay. Her removal from the game due to COVID-19, despite her cautious approach, was a heartbreaking turn of events. 

If The Traitors gets renewed for a second season, many believe that Amanda should be given another chance to compete.

Final Thought

Amanda Clark-Stoner’s unexpected departure from The Traitors due to testing positive for COVID-19 has left fans curious about the circumstances surrounding her exit. 

Despite the disappointment of having her dreams dashed, Amanda expressed gratitude for the support of her fellow participants and the show’s decision not to eliminate her while she was still in the game. 

With a hint of seeking revenge in the future, Amanda’s unfinished business in the castle suggests that her journey on The Traitors may not be entirely over. 

Fans will have to wait and see if she gets another opportunity to pursue her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and make her mark on the show.