Why Did Kim and Kanye Divorce? What Led to the High-Profile Split?

Why did Kim and Kanye divorce? One year after Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West, their situation has become messy. In the summer of 2020, Us Weekly exclusively revealed that trouble was brewing for the couple, who got married in 2014. Let’s uncover why the couple parted ways.

Why Did Kim and Kanye Divorce?

Kim was considering her options as Kanye made controversial comments during his equally controversial presidential campaign. However, it wasn’t until February 2021 that she took legal action.

According to a source at the time, Kim and Kanye hadn’t been on the same page for a while. Kanye’s focus had shifted, and he seemed detached from reality. 

Their worldviews are no longer aligned. Kim had tried to help Kanye with his mental health by getting him into treatment, but her attempts had been unsuccessful. Kanye was resistant to anyone else’s influence.

Kim and Kanye have four children together: North (born June 2013), Saint (December 2015), Chicago (January 2018), and Psalm (May 2019). During the final season of their family’s E! show, Kim broke her silence on their separation. 

She expressed her frustration, saying she couldn’t continue in the same place where she had been stuck for years. She highlighted how Kanye frequently moved to different states, making it challenging for her to raise the kids. 

She acknowledged that Kanye was a great father, but she couldn’t be the supportive wife he needed. She felt like a failure and wanted to find happiness.

When the show aired in 2021, it was difficult for Kim to relive the drama. She had put immense effort into making the marriage work, and watching it unfold on screen brought back a lot of pain. The most significant source of her anguish was the realization that she couldn’t provide her children with a traditional family home.

The tension between Kim and Kanye escalated when Kanye publicly pleaded to win her back. By early 2022, his declarations of love had turned into accusations that Kim was keeping the kids away from him. 

A source revealed that Kanye enjoyed being in control and didn’t like the fact that Kim seemed to be “winning” in terms of custody and their living situation.

In response to Kanye’s actions, Kim took to Instagram Stories and expressed her frustration. She stated that divorce was already difficult for their children, and Kanye’s attempts to control and manipulate the situation publicly only caused more pain for everyone involved.

Kanye’s Lack of Legal Action

In December 2021, after nearly a year of legal proceedings to end her marriage, Kardashian filed paperwork to be declared legally single and revert to her maiden name.

According to the legal documents, Kardashian stated that the marriage between her and West had irreparably broken down. She no longer desires to be married to him, and there is no possibility of reconciling their differences through counseling or other means.

In February 2022, Kardashian expressed her frustration with West’s lack of response to the legal case. 

Through an Instagram post, she stated her wish to handle matters concerning their children privately and hoped that he would finally respond to his third attorney in the past year to resolve any issues amicably.

The Pete Davidson Factor

In her October 2021 hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, Kardashian made jokes about her divorce. She mentioned marrying the best rapper of all time and the richest Black man in America, but ultimately divorcing him due to his personality.

Although a source claimed that West was aware of the jokes in advance, he later expressed his discontent with the remark. 

On Revolt’s “Drink Champs” podcast in November 2021, he stated that it was no joke to him because his kids wanted their parents to stay together, and he desired the same.

Kardashian’s appearance on SNL also marked the beginning of her romantic involvement with Pete Davidson. They were linked romantically in October 2021 after sharing a kiss during a skit.

In a January 2022 interview, West expressed his disappointment, questioning how Kardashian could bring him to SNL and then kiss the person she was dating right in front of him. 

He even dissed Davidson in a song called “My Life Was Never Eazy,” rapping about beating him up, emphasizing that he believed God saved him from a crash for that purpose.

Final Thought

Kim Kardashian’s journey with Kanye West has been filled with challenges and heartache. Despite her efforts to salvage their marriage, it became evident that their paths had diverged. 

Kim prioritized her happiness and the well-being of their children, taking legal action in 2021. As tensions escalated, Kim bravely expressed her frustration with Kanye’s actions, demonstrating strength and resilience throughout the process.