Why Did Andrew Tate Convert to Islam? What Led to This?

Andrew Tate, the British-American controversial influencer and kickboxer who was banned from all social media platforms earlier this year for his misogynist comments, has now converted to Islam.

Born in Chicago but raised in Luton, the former light welterweight kickboxer had previously described Islam as ‘the last true religion in the world’ and he has now confirmed that after a video of him praying in a mosque went viral.

Why Did Andrew Tate Convert to Islam?

Most recently, Andrew Tate made a statement on one of his few remaining social media accounts that he is now a Muslim and encouraged other Christians having supported the message to become Muslims too.

Earlier, he had said in an appearance on the Full Send Podcast that he surmises Islam to be the last true religion. He affirmed it’s the only faith where its core tenets are respected by followers till date.

What Do Muslim Women Think About His Conversion?

Andrew Tate’s embracing of Islam has elicited varying responses from Muslim figures and social media accounts alike.

Danzy, an Islamic news content producer on TikTok by the name expressed happiness about Tate’s conversion and reminded that Muslims must never judge such a person based on his past since all sins done before converting to Islam are done away with.

Questionably, internet personality Andrew Tate did have a good heart, and whether this is just a ruse for public relations purposes.

Final thoughts

Andrew Tate is setting up as a youth self-help guru at the moment. On his YouTube channel, he set himself up as a successful life coach very hard, urging young guys to work and train, while representing high family values.

Ultimately as Muslims, we know that is only for Allah to judge and there are many supporting ahadiths from the life of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) relating to the promise of Allah to show us mercy and forgiveness.

All of them are Muslims, both Muslim men and Muslim women strive to follow in the actions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) including now brother Andrew Tate.