Why Did Andrew Tate Get His Car Sized? What Influenced This Decision?

Andrew Tate, 36, was born with the name Emory Andrew Tate III on December 14, 1986. He is a dual citizen of the United States and Great Britain and is an American-British kickboxing professional.

He’s from Chicago, Illinois but has moved to Luton, England now. Tate worked as a TV producer while training as a kickboxer, before he went on to fight professionally.

His appearance on Big Brother in 2016 would kickstart his life in the public eye and since then, Tate has become notorious for making offensive, misogynistic comments on social media leading up to his current TikTok notoriety.

But why was he arrested and why did they size his car? If you want to find about, then read through this information to get the full gist.

Why Did Andrew Tate Get His Car Sized?

In a recent development, Romanian officials took possession of numerous high-end vehicles from influencer Andrew Tate’s residence as part of an investigation into suspected human trafficking that ultimately led to his arrest.

Among the seized automobiles were a Rolls-Royce and a BMW, both plucked from Tate’s villa in Voluntari, situated on the outskirts of Bucharest. The police discreetly relocated the vehicles to an undisclosed warehouse as part of the ongoing criminal inquiry.

The self-proclaimed misogynist was arrested in the capital on 29 December on charges of belonging to an organized crime group, human trafficking, and rape.

His brother Tristan and two Romanian women were also arrested. They denied wrongdoing.

Why Was Andrew Tate Arrested?

Among the allegations against Tate is the claim that he pressured six women ensnared in the trafficking scheme to create explicit content for his online venture. A press release from DIICOT asserts that, disturbingly, at least one of these individuals was subjected to sexual assault.

Following the initial 24-hour detention of Tate and his associates, a Romanian judge deemed it necessary to extend this period to 30 days.

Notably, Tate has refrained from offering a public response to the accusations, aside from casting doubt on the legitimacy of the investigation, hinting at a potential cover-up. In a tweet on Friday, he cryptically stated, “The Matrix deployed their operatives.”

What Was the Outcome of the Arrest?

A Romanian court has decided to lift the house arrest of Andrew Tate, the self-proclaimed misogynist currently awaiting trial on human trafficking charges.

Instead, the court has opted for a less restrictive measure, placing Tate, a social media personality notorious for his misogynistic views, under judicial control.

The Bucharest Court of Appeals explained in a written ruling that it has chosen to “substitute the house arrest measure with judicial control for a duration of 60 days, spanning from August 4 to October 2.”

Final Thoughts

In June, Tate and his brother Tristan, who hold dual US and British citizenship, faced charges alongside two Romanian women related to human trafficking, rape, and orchestrating a criminal gang for the sexual exploitation of women. All four individuals vehemently deny the accusations.

With the recent adjustment in their legal status, the suspects are now permitted to leave their residences, but their movements are restricted to areas outside of Bucharest and the neighboring Ilfov county.

Regular check-ins with the police are mandatory, and they are expressly prohibited from attempting to approach the individuals identified as the alleged victims.