Why Did Ariana Grande Write Yes and? What Was the Inspiration?

Why Did Ariana Grande Write Yes and? With popularity comes the unavoidable examination of a celebrity’s personal life, and this scrutiny appears to heighten when the star in question is a woman. Ariana Grande appears to be intimately familiar with this phenomenon. Her current hit, however, dismisses the rumors and embraces her “most authentic life.”

The Inspiration Behind Ariana Grande Yes and

Ariana Grande had felt that the song “Yes, And?” would be the perfect single to start off her new era of music.

The 30-year-old pop artist talked about why she chose the lively, house-inspired song to be the lead single from her upcoming seventh studio album, Eternal Sunshine, which is due out on March 8, in a new video that was posted on social media on Tuesday.

Grande was seen previewing new music for her record label, Republic Records, in a video, emphasizing on “Yes, And?” while playing several other songs. In the video, she mentioned that she likes the song “Yes, And?” since it is all-encompassing.

Breaking Down the Lyrics to “Yes, and?”

The song begins with Grande stating that you never understand what someone is going through and everyone has their own baggage. When the chorus starts, she instructs everyone to keep marching past anyone who could criticize them, but if they do, ask “yes, and?”

“Yes, And?” is packed with callbacks and references. She repeatedly states that everyone with an opinion should “say that sh-t with their chest.”

That line talks about her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller’s song “Jet Fuel,” where he says, “Rather glow, I won’t stress. Better express that with your chest.”

The line “And if you find yourself in a dark situation, just turn on your light and be like,” relates to her song “the light is coming,”

In the song, she sings about moving on from terrible times by discovering the “light” within herself. And the lyric “Keep moving, like what’s next?” refers to her 2019 album Thank you, Next.

What Do We Know About Ariana Grande Next Album?

We learned that Grande’s upcoming album will be called Eternal Sunshine. A teaser video for the new single shows a red card with the word AG7 (a popular online term for an artist’s untitled new album) and locations.

Fans plugged the locations into Google and were directed to Montauk, New York, the scene for Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet’s film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Grande is a well-known Jim Carrey devotee, and Miller’s fans claim he enjoyed the film.

When a fan account posted the hypothesis on Instagram, Grande reacted with a red heart, which supporters perceive as the star’s confirmation that it is genuine.

We don’t know when her next album will be published, but fans are also looking forward to the long-awaited Wicked film, which stars Grande as Glinda against Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba.

Final Words

Ariana Grande’s personal life has been the subject of much speculation on the internet over the last year, from her divorce from Dalton Gomez to her new romance with Wicked co-star Ethan Slater. But tonight, she’s answered in the way she does best: through her music.