Why Did Austin Mahone Break Up With Becky G? What Led to This?

Why Did Austin Mahone Break Up With Becky G? Austin Mahone and Becky G were formerly regarded as teenage royalty. When they were teenagers, the two made their musical debuts around the same time and began to enjoy commercial success in the early 2010s.

Not until they worked together on a song for the “Smurfs” movie did their paths intersect, and ever since, their lives have become entwined.

Why Austin Mahone Broke Up With Becky G

When Becky G and Austin Mahone began dating, they were still rising pop stars who prioritized their professions above all else. They chose to pause their romance because they couldn’t find time for each other.

Mahone explained to ET that the breakup was friendly and that there is no animosity between them.

“We actually kinda broke up a few days ago, just ’cause we’re so busy traveling and all that,” Mahone said. “We’re still really close, but we just felt that it would be better to hang out for a little while. Our friendship is close.”

In her interview with Latina, Becky G also talked candidly about their brief affair, saying that when they first started dating, she felt like a dream come true.

However, they determined that remaining friends was more essential than attempting to sustain a love relationship that would almost certainly fail because they were both focused on their own businesses.

Are Austin Mahone and Becky G Still Friends?

Although Becky G hinted that she and Austin Mahone would get back together in the future, that reconciliation never materialized.

The pair went on to date other people; Mahone is said to have dated Katya Henry, while Becky G dated and eventually became engaged to sportsman Sebastian Lletget.

However, Becky G and Mahone fulfilled their prior promise to remain friends. The “Sin Pijama” singer claimed to a fan on Twitter that Mahone will always be “her boy,” and Mahone revealed to ET that he intended to carry on working with his former partner.

Also, in 2017, Mahone made a surprise cameo at one of Becky G’s concert stops, which delighted fans. “Got to perform ‘Rollin’ with my friend @AustinMahone,” she posted on Instagram, accompanied with a clip of the performance.

While social media may not be a reliable indicator, a lack of recent contact on public platforms does not always imply a bad scenario. Busy schedules and personal boundaries may explain their online silence.

Final Words

Fans were saddened by Austin Mahone and Becky G’s breakup, but that doesn’t mean their time together was not great. While the reasons for their split may never be fully understood, we can appreciate the time they spent together and the joy they offered to their fans.