Why Did Austin Mahone Cancel His Tour? What Truly Happened?

Why Did Austin Mahone Cancel His Tour? Austin Mahone’s 2013 and 2019 tours were both canceled, leaving fans disappointed and confused. We will take a deep dive into the circumstances surrounding the cancellations of both tours, to try and understand what happened.

Why Austin Mahone Cancelled His Tour in 2013

Austin Mahone canceled his 2013 tour due to health issues. The teenage singer, who was just 17 years old at the time, spent several days in the hospital in October 2013 after suffering from a sickness.

Details of the incident were not widely reported at the time, although people close to Mahone claimed he had a high fever and might have had a blood clot.

Mid-October 2013 saw Mahone’s health problems become more concerning. According to news reports, he wasn’t feeling well and had to postpone his first several shows.

Things became more serious on October 17, 2013. Mahone’s whole “MTV Artist to Watch Presents Tour” had to be canceled after he was sent to the hospital. With several dates already sold out, the tour was scheduled for fall 2013.

Although Mahone’s illness’s specifics were not made public, its severity called for hospitalization and rest periods prescribed by a physician. It was impossible to tour because of this.

Why Austin Mahone Cancelled His 2019 Tour

Fans of Austin Mahone were upset to hear in October 2019 that his tour dates in China and the Philippines had been canceled. “Delilah Outing,” the tour’s name, was scheduled to stop in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Manila, and Yokohama.

Mahone stated “personal reasons” for the sudden cancellation, albeit an official explanation was not provided at great length.

The physical and mental health of an artist can be negatively impacted by the rigorous traveling schedule. Mahone began his career at an early age, becoming well-known on YouTube through covers in 2011.

He has already headlined his own gigs, put out an EP, and done a lot of touring as Taylor Swift’s opening act by the year 2019. In addition to the strains of performance and travel, the urge to keep up this momentum might have made a health break necessary.

Tours are occasionally canceled because of unanticipated logistical issues or poor ticket sales.

Although no information is available to the public indicating poor ticket sales, there may have been some influence due to problems finding venues, making travel plans, or managing production in China and the Philippines.

Final Words

While the cancellations of Austin Mahone’s 2013 and 2019 tours were disappointing, they don’t define his legacy as an artist. He has continued to create music and connect with fans all over the world, proving that he is more than just a canceled tour.