Why Did Beyonce Name Her Daughter Blue? What Was the Inspiration?

For quite some time, fans of the musical power couple, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter, have been intrigued by the origin of their daughter’s unique name, Blue Ivy.

Putting an end to the speculations, Carter opened up exclusively to “CBS Mornings,” revealing that the name wasn’t chosen based on a color preference or some meticulously planned branding strategy, as the rumors had implied.

Instead, it emerged as a delightful, affectionate term inspired by the image on the sonogram screen.

Why Did Beyonce Name Her Daughter Blue?

In a heart-to-heart with Gayle King on CBS Mornings, the rapper opened up about the sweet twists and turns in naming their child.

He shared that he and Beyoncé had initially thought of naming their baby Brooklyn, a nod to the New York borough close to his heart.

However, their naming adventure took an unexpected, joyous detour when a first glimpse of their little one on the sonogram inspired them to pick a special nickname instead.

“We were calling her Blueberry. Like, ‘Look at the little blueberry.’ You know, it was like a nickname,” Jay Z recalled, adding that when their daughter was born it felt “natural” to keep the moniker in some form. “We just took the berry off and called her Blue.”

How Old is Blue Ivy?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s child Blue Ivy Carter is now 10 years old. Born on the seventh day of January in 2012, Blue has already made a name for herself in show business after her early exposure to the limelight.

Though they stay from famous parents, they have shown protectiveness from their daughter’s privacy and only very slowly revealing both talent and personality.

As she grows into more public events, Blue’s on-off appearance and her surprising stage moments alongside Beyoncé have enchanted fans equally as being an adorable and notable celebrity offspring for herself.

She Holds Two Guinness World Records

When Blue Ivy was 2 days old, JAY-Z recorded her vocals and incorporated them into his song “Glory.” The Roc Nation founder wrote the song about his firstborn daughter, and it features lyrics about a miscarriage his wife had previously experienced.

JAY-Z rapped: “False alarms and false starts/ All made better by the sound of your heart/ All the pain of the last time/ I prayed so hard it was the last time.”

“Glory” debuted on the U.S. R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, making Blue a Guinness World Record holder for being the youngest person to have a song appear on a Billboard chart.

Final Thoughts

Celebrities sure have a way of picking out-of-the-box names for their little ones – I mean, think Apple, Gravity, and even X Æ A-Xii. And let’s not forget Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s trio: Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir.

Now, fans have been buzzing, guessing if Blue Ivy’s name is some sweet tribute to the couple’s love for the color blue.

But surprise, surprise! Jay-Z spilled the beans recently about how they landed on that name for their firstborn. He even spilled the tea on the other name they almost went with – talk about some behind-the-scenes action in naming their kiddos!