Why Did Dababy and DaniLeigh Breakup? What Went Wrong?

Rapper DaBaby and his singer ex-girlfriend, DaniLeigh, aired out their dirty laundry Sunday night in a heated argument streamed live by both parties on Instagram.

The event occurred while DaBaby was filming DaniLeigh bottle-feeding their 3-month-old baby. It seemed to revolve around the fact that DaBaby wanted her out of his Charlotte, North Carolina, apartment, where she says she has been living since the birth of their baby.

What Really Caused Dababy and DaniLeigh’s Breakup?

Both Dababy and DaniLeigh have not made known to the public the reason for their breakup.

Back in February, DaBaby seemed to confirm that they were still dating. “OFFICIALLY SINGLE,” she wrote on one of her Instagram Stories, according to The Shade Room.

She didn’t drop any explanation regarding their split, but fans have already started speculating that DaBaby got back to his ex-girlfriend, Meme, especially when the two ladies beefed via social media.

Danileigh & Dababy Celebrate Their Daughter’s Birthday 

In the video, created on August 11, two both smiled as they sang along to a song that was played for their little girl. This show of togetherness likely signals the couple has put their controversial past behind them and moved on in the name of co-parenting.

Months after their highly publicized incident in November 2022, where reports alleged that DaBaby called the cops on the singer to have her removed from his home, the drama played out on their respective Instagram Live accounts.

The differences notwithstanding, the couple went ahead to unite in the love of their daughter as they marked her big day.

Final Thoughts

The “Easy” songstress confirmed that she has ended her relationship with DaBaby and announced she is single now, “back on the market,” through an Instagram post on Sunday.

It is a relationship that has ended quite suddenly. The couple only confirmed that they were dating each other at the end of last year when she posted a picture of them on Instagram.

She wrote that she is “officially single” in a post shared to her Instagram Story that was reposted by TheShadeRoom with a red line split down the middle of a photo of the two embracing.