Why Did Dababy Change His Name? What Promoted This Decision?

Why Did Dababy Change His Name? If DaBaby used a different name, would he still be as well-known? If the rapper had chosen to continue going by one of his previous monikers, we might have been able to provide an explanation.

Although the performer’s given name, Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, is pretty respectable, it doesn’t quite convey the kind of mood that the future star was reportedly going for.

However, it appears that DaBaby didn’t adopt the moniker that made him famous right away.

Why Dababy Changed His Name from Baby Jesus

DaBaby was known as Baby Jesus before he changed it to DaBaby. Before that, the 28-year-old rap phenom behind this summer’s number-one song “Rockstar” was known as Jonathan Kirk.

Kirk is also the name of DaBaby’s second studio album, which was released last year, six months after his father unexpectedly died. In honor, the cover displays a shot of DaBaby as an infant sitting on his father’s lap,

Kirk decided to become a rapper quickly in December 2014; he went under the moniker Baby Jesus and released his mixtape “NonFiction” a month later.

The rapper eventually changed his moniker to DaBaby even though he first gained notoriety for his intense live performances.

He even went so far as to use the words of “DaBaby (Intro),” a brief preface to 2016’s “God’s Work Resurrected,” his debut mixtape under the new alias, to explain the “political reasons” behind this choice.”

Plenty of rappers use a stage name, but why did DaBaby abandon his original Baby Jesus moniker? In the intro track of God’s Work: Resurrected (via Genius), DaBaby explains that the name was too politically charged and could become a distraction.

Does Dababy Have a Criminal Record?

While DaBaby clearly enjoys rapping, he appears to be equally talented at fighting. Despite his best efforts to avoid getting into confrontations, this rising rap sensation appears to attract trouble wherever he goes.

He recently got into a battle with another North Carolina-based paper, Cam Coldheart, in his local mall. The rapper had been taunting DaBaby when he was shopping at a Louis Vuitton store.

The men eventually became quite irate from each other’s mocking, and in the middle of the store, there was a full-fledged brawl between them. Although the two rappers had been at odds for some time, no one anticipated that their feud would go this bad.

In an attempt to demonstrate to other rappers what happens when you mess with DaBaby, he uploaded a video of the fight online.

Final Words

DaBaby’s journey, from Baby Jesus to DaBaby, reflects an artist evolving both personally and professionally. While the initial moniker held strong meaning, it ultimately overshadowed his music.