Why Did Dababy Cheat on Danileigh? What Were the Reasons?

Why Did Dababy Cheat on Danileigh? Some relationships in the entertainment world end as fast as they began. While many celebrities enter new relationships with the best intentions, the drama can sometimes be too much for the couple to handle. DaniLeigh and DaBaby are no exceptions.

In case you missed it, DaBaby turned to social media to call DaniLeigh out for simply being his “side b—h” and claimed they were never in a relationship.

Did Dababy Cheat on Danileigh?

Even though Danileigh accused Dababy of cheating on her, there has been no evidence to prove that. Initially, DaBaby denied the cheating allegations. However, later comments hinted at issues within the relationship, leaving the situation ambiguous.

When DaniLeigh first met the “Masterpiece” rapper, he was getting ready to start filming his music video for the song “Bop.” The singer joined in to co-choreograph the video at that point.

Subsequently, the rapper paid her a visit in the music video for the song “Levi High.” Both in the video and in the behind-the-scenes pictures, the two made it obvious that they clicked.

But it wasn’t until DaBaby’s ex-girlfriend and baby mother, Mariah, often known as Meme, spoke on their connection that it made headlines.

DaniLeigh never stated that she and DaBaby were dating, but Meme revealed the truth on social media. Conversations between DaBaby and DaniLeigh, captured in a series of now-deleted screenshots, revealed that they were in a relationship.

This all came to a head when the singer reportedly said that she had never had a relationship with the rapper.

Danileigh Was Accused of Being a “Homewrecker”

Rumors persisted as fans discovered that DaBaby and DaniLeigh were quarantined together during the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Fans discovered they were staying at the same hotel after viewing a series of photos on their individual Instagram sites. This fueled speculation that she was interfering with Meme and DaBaby’s relationship.

While she had remained tight-lipped until his point, an interview with Power 105.1 in May 2020 showed that they were up to something.

When queried about their relationship, she responded nonchalantly. “I mean, that’s what it is. “I know it’s part of life,” she explained. “I already know you post something, people are just going to catch on I guess, so … I don’t really care.”

Soon after her appearance, DaBaby claimed to have resumed his relationship with Meme, posting photos of her and their children on social media.

DaniLeigh detailed her self-care in a series of tweets and Instagram postings, recognizing that she deserves what she contributes to a relationship.

While some were compassionate, many fans labeled her a homewrecker. After all, it appeared that she was aware that the rapper was also involved.

Final Words

Although Danileigh claimed that Dababy had cheated on her, there is no proof to support that claim. DaBaby denied the claims that he cheated.

Well, the main reason why the singers broke up is yet to be disclosed to the public. What we know is that their smooth relationship hit the rocks in a dramatic way.