Why Did Dababy Date Ashley? What Attracted Him?

Why Did Dababy Date Ashley? Fans of DaBaby, whose true name is Jonathan Kirk, were recently perplexed when rumors circulated that Kirk was married to Ashley Kirk. The assumption began after DaBaby’s high school graduation photo and quote was shared online.

Did Dababy Date Ashley?

Fans were really surprised when they saw Dababy’s yearly entry book that read:

“Jonathan is intelligent, handsome, and the best at everything he does. After graduation, Jon plans to attend ECU, NC A&T, or WSSU. His favorite quote to live by is ‘Women lie, men lie, numbers don’t.’ The most inspirational person in his life has been his wife, Ashley Kirk.”

Based on his comments, “Ashley Kirk” looks to be a grade school acquaintance who used Jonathan’s last name as a joke.

While he is not married, DaBaby did post a video of a fan at one of his gigs holding a sign that read “Jonathan K.” Will you marry me on my 21st birthday?

Why Do People Think Dababy is Married?

Rumors spread on social media in early September that DaBaby was married to his children’s mother.

The rumors appear to have originated with an old yearbook photo uploaded on Twitter. The blurb next to his high school senior portrait indicated that his wife’s name was Ashley Kirk.

DaBaby’s daughter’s real mother, Meme, is not in a relationship with him. They met around five years ago through a mutual friend and began to take things seriously once she became pregnant.

They have one kid together, a 2-year-old daughter, as well as Meme’s 6-year-old son, who sees DaBaby as a father figure.

Dababy’s Relationship with Babymama MeMe

In November 2019, The Shade Room stated that DaBaby was expecting his second kid with MeMe, with whom he already has a daughter. In February 2020, MeMe sent out a series of messages accusing DaBaby of impregnating another lady.

On Instagram, DaBaby addressed the claims, stating that he is indeed having a child with another woman. According to The Source, DaBaby confirmed the news with an explanatory video on Instagram.

It was unclear at the moment if DaBaby’s child with another woman signaled the end of their relationship, but MeMe appeared to imply differently in an Instagram story.

“People move too much based on their flesh… we’re supposed to do things of our spirit,” she said in response to the question of whether cheaters should be given another chance. Give them another chance if you truly love them and want to. Life is too brief.”