Why Did Dababy Leave His Label? What Were the Reasons?

Why Did Dababy Leave His Label? Dababy is a very dynamic musical artist. He is always on the news for one controversy or the other. One of the rumors that trended recently was that the reason why Dababy’s musical career is currently shaky is because he left his record label. Is this really true?

Did Dababy Leave His Label?

DaBaby has not officially declared that he is quitting his label. However, the question has acquired traction as a result of recent developments at his label, Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment (BDBE).

Several BDBE-signed musicians have recently left the label. KayyKilo, a female rapper, has openly announced her departure in October 2023, alleging a lack of support and unfavorable experiences.

Stunna 4 Vegas, who became famous alongside DaBaby, is also reported to have left the label in December 2023, but no evidence is provided. These exits created problems about the label’s internal dynamics and DaBaby’s leadership.

Also, DaBaby has been under fire recently for a series of public issues, including stage fights, homophobic comments, and vaccine skepticism.

These incidents usually overshadowed his music and ruined his image in the public eye. While Interscope Records, DaBaby’s distributor, still has him signed, these incidents have sparked rumors of his departure from BDBE, which he founded and manages.

He has also expressed interest in the transition from rapping to managing and developing new artists through BDBE. He launched the label in 2017 and has aggressively promoted it since then.

Is Kayykilo Still Signed With Dababy?

Kayykilo is no longer a part of the Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment label that he was signed to. This evidence comes from different sources, including even Kayykilo.

On the 31st of October Kayykilo signed with Billion Dollar Baby, which was a major step for her as an aspiring rapper The label gave her resources and even exposure; she released albums such as “Not the Girl” and “Kayykilo’s World.”

In public, nothing showed any sign of trouble. Nevertheless, in November 2021, a few discontent rumors started to go around. The release of Kayykilo matches with the DaBaby and DaniLeigh incident, and she indicated that the label supported him over her project’s promotion.

It was Solved in the end by Kayy in March 2023 through social media and interviews. She admitted that she chose to leave Billion Dollar Baby saying that they had creative disputes and a lack of support.

The break from the label has seen Kayykilo adopting solo action as it is now. She continues to release songs often, “Bad Lil B” being amongst the latest singles which shows her progress and changing style.

Final Words

Has DaBaby officially quit his label? No. He remains BDBE’s founder and CEO, and neither he nor the label have made any official pronouncements regarding a formal resignation.

However, the situation is complicated and multifaceted. Recent artist exits, ongoing disagreements, and DaBaby’s shifting emphasis all paint a picture of ambiguity around his involvement with BDBE.