Why Did Drake Say I Only Love My Bed? What Promoted This Speech?

Why Did Drake Say I Only Love My Bed? Drake’s lyric “I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry” from his song “God’s Plan” quickly became a social media catchphrase and meme. While it may appear to be a hilarious or quirky phrase, there is a deeper meaning behind it that many listeners understand.

Why Did Drake Say I Only Love My Bed?

Let us first look at the expression “I only love my bed”. This state of mind which is reflected in this sentence can be related to by so many people.

Mattresses often become a place of refuge – a cozy spot to relax and find serenity in everyday hectic schedules of people.

A person can find many salutary things by resting on the familiarity and comfort of their bed after a busy day or while crossing life’s challenges.

Drake’s statement about his claim that he “only” loves his bed emphasizes the significance of choosing his own health and well-being as a priority.

It would even be possible to read “I only love my bed” metaphorically. Drake’s words that he likes the bed more than anything else are quite a powerful reminder as we live in a world that stresses earning money and owning things more than relationships.

It is an indication that we should value the simple joys and the things that really make us happy in the midst of the transitory pleasures of the world and their amusements.

The phrase becomes more measured when “and my momma, I’m sorry” is added. Drake’s reference to his mother underlines the importance of family and the never going away love and support they always give.

Drake expresses regret for prioritizing his mother and his bed over anything else and recognizes the love and sacrifices his mother has given him throughout his life. It pays homage to the unique link between a mother and her child and to maternal love with great emotion.

Who Wrote God’s Plan for Drake?

Aubrey Graham (Drake), Matthew Samuels (Boi-1da), Ronald LaTour (Cardo), Daveon Jackson (Yung Exclusive), and Noah Shebib (40) wrote “God’s Plan” for Drake.

The song’s music and lyrics were created in tandem by the songwriters. The production of the song was handled by Boi-1da, Cardo, and Yung Exclusive, which added to its distinctive rhythm and tone.

Drake released “God’s Plan” in January 2018 as a part of his “Scary Hours” EP. It rapidly achieved enormous success, topping charts all over the world and winning praise from critics for its meaningful lyrics and catchy beat.

Drake’s standing as one of the most important musicians in the business was further cemented by the song’s commercial success.

Final Words

Drake’s line “I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry” embodies themes of self-care, thankfulness, and familial love. It’s a simple but meaningful expression that speaks to listeners on a personal level.