Why Did Taylor Swift Broke Up With Joe Jonas? What Led to This

You’ve probably heard about the breakup between Taylor Swift and Joe, it was the highlight of the day, with humor here and there about what caused the breakup.

Although both of them seem to have moved on and have given positive feedback about each other over the years, Swifties and Jonas Brothers fans are still curious why he broke up with her over the phone in under 30 seconds. 

If you want to find out what caused the breakout in their relationship, then read through to find out.

Why Did Taylor Swift Broke Up With Joe Jonas?

Even though there was no official confirmation, Taylor shared with the public towards the end of 2008 that Jonas ended their relationship, citing actress Camilla Belle as a factor. Jonas and Belle were reportedly dating from 2008 until mid-2009. 

Taylor candidly expressed to the magazine at that time, “They’ve been together since we broke up. That’s why we broke up – because he met her.” Ouch!

However, Jonas has never publicly confirmed the true reason behind the breakup with Swift. In a Myspace post from 2008, he alluded to the complexity of changing “feelings” while also dropping a hint that he remained faithful during their time together.

Joe Jonas Response to What Taylor Swift Said

Jonas took a moment to talk about the rumored 25-second breakup phone call, correcting that it was, in fact, 27 seconds. He hinted that the brevity was due to Swift ending the call abruptly. 

Regarding the ’27-second’ phone call, I reached out to share my feelings with the other person. Unfortunately, my sentiments weren’t well received,” he explained. “I wasn’t the one to conclude the conversation; it was someone else. 

The duration of phone calls is determined by the willingness of the person on the other end to engage in conversation.

Has Taylor or Joe Written any Song About Their Breakup?

Taylor and Joe haven’t officially acknowledged whether any of their songs are inspired by each other, but fans are convinced they’ve caught glimpses of clues in some well-known tracks.

In Taylor’s popular song “Forever and Always,” she reflects on someone who claimed to love her but later distanced themselves.

Another single, “Better Than Revenge,” portrays an ex’s rebound relationship with lyrics that go, “She’s not a saint and she’s not what you think / She’s an actress, woah / He was a moth to the flame / She was holding the matches, woah.”

Final Words

Even after the breakup, Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas are still friends and are on good terms following their short-lived romance in 2008.

They both began dating under the radar for a few months in the summer of 2008 when the “Love Story” singer hit the stage with the Jonas Brothers for a handful of concerts during their Burnin’ Up Tour.

But their relationship made headlines when Swift openly spoke about their split on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, particularly calling out how Jonas broke up with her in a 25-second phone call.