Why Did Ty Leave Heartland? What Prompted His Departure?

The first episode of Heartland’s Season 14 shocked everyone. Graham Wardle, the actor who plays Ty Borden, won’t be coming back to the show anymore! But why did Ty leave Heartland? This post provides all the answers you’re looking for.

How Does Ty Borden Die on Heartland?

In the exciting Season 13 finale called “The Passing of the Torch,” Amy and Ty find themselves in danger when a poacher fires a stray bullet.

Luckily, Ty acts heroically and manages to take the bullet intended for Amy, though she is still injured in the shoulder. Ty quickly rushes her to the hospital, but there’s a surprising twist – the nurse notices that Ty has also been shot.

Tragically, Ty’s gunshot wound leads to a blood clot that ultimately takes his life. In the first episode of Season 14, titled “Keep Me in Your Heart,” Ty collapses while leading Spartan back to the barn.

In this heartbreaking episode, we witness Amy working with a wild colt with the assistance of Spartan, just before the unimaginable happens. When Ty falls, Jack and Amy rush to his side, but unfortunately, it’s already too late.

Why Did Ty Leave Heartland?

As mentioned in our Heartland spoilers guide, Graham Wardle’s departure from the show may come as a surprise to viewers, but it’s been a decision he’s been considering for quite some time.

In a special message to fans, the actor revealed that he has been thinking about leaving the show for a few years now. He didn’t make the decision lightly and has been trying to find a way to honor himself while also honoring the show.

You might wonder why an actor would walk away from a show that’s probably well-paying. After all, consistent work is not easy to come by in the film and TV industry, especially on such an amazing set.

According to Graham Wardle, it was a “call to move on,” a decision to follow his heart. Over the past few years, he has started several projects that he believes will make a positive impact on people’s lives. In an email to The Canadian Press, he said, “I felt in my heart it was time to move in a new direction.”

Wardle also expressed his deep gratitude for the wonderful chapter of his life that was being a part of Heartland for 14 seasons. The show has taught him valuable lessons, and he will always miss working on the set.

Lastly, he wants to thank all the amazing fans for their support and encourage them to make the most of Ty’s storyline.

Final Thoughts

Graham Wardle’s departure from Heartland was a long-considered decision driven by a desire to follow his heart and pursue new projects. He openly thanks fans for their support.