Why Did Kenedi Anderson Quit American Idol? What Led to Her Decision?

Kenedi Anderson was a standout contestant in season 20 of American Idol Idol. She wowed the judges and viewers with her powerful and impressive voice range. So, when she suddenly withdrew from the competition, many fans kept asking why did Kenedi Anderson quit American Idol.

Why Did Kenedi Anderson Quit American Idol?

Kenedi Anderson revealed to her Instagram fans that she was leaving the show for personal reasons. She did not, however, clarify why she departed the show after only four episodes. Anderson appeared in the show’s 20th season.

During one of her performances, she astonished the judges and crowd with her singing abilities, earning her one of the three platinum tickets.

She made her debut on the show in 2022 and left shortly after. Her abrupt exit stunned and perplexed many viewers, who thought she was a strong competitor who would last the show’s duration.

But fate had different plans for Anderson. Anderson abruptly left the contest during one of the shows after performing Christina Perri’s “Human” for judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie.


What Happened to Kenedi Anderson after Quitting American Idol?

After she quit American Idol, Kenedi has been quite busy with her career. we will discuss a few of what she has been up to below:

1. Kenedi Anderson is a Social Media Aficionado

Since Kenedi Anderson can be seen performing for her 457,000 TikTok followers, it is evident that she hasn’t given up on her dream of becoming a musician. Her frequent covers of songs by some of the biggest names in the business excite fans.

She performed a piano rendition of Taylor Swift’s “You’re Not Sorry” in a recent video. In another video, she sang along to Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain.”

The singer Anderson continues to perform live in addition to showcasing her skills on social media.

In a story published by Our Era Magazine, Anderson and other Season 20 competitors Emyrson Flora and Paige Fish were said to have performed some original music at a Provo, Utah, venue after their time on “American Idol.”

Speaking excitedly about her future intentions, Anderson stated, “I’m extremely happy to really release songs. I am eager to release some of my most beloved songs that I have written to the world.”

Anderson disclosed in December 2022 that she would be Benson Boone’s opening act. She posted a carousel of show photographs to Instagram, describing it as “the BEST time.”

Kenedi Anderson is a Social Media Aesthete

Kenedi Anderson routinely posts updates about her personal life on social media, in addition to keeping fans up to date on her music career. Anderson announced her graduation from high school on Instagram in June 2022.

In a sequence of images with loved ones, she wore a dark blue gown and smiled from ear to ear. She stated, “No more school for meee hehehe.” Anderson’s Instagram is full of selfies and professional photographs of her looking as stunning as ever.

And it turns out that the singer owns a fluffy cat! Anderson posed with the fuzzy kitty in a series of charming holiday-themed images in a Christmas post released in December 2022.

Anderson has found her footing on TikTok, where she uses the platform for a variety of purposes. She appears to enjoy making amusing lip-syncing videos that showcase her humorous side.

Final Words

Anderson’s stint on “American Idol” was purposely cut short, but she has moved on to other areas of her life. At the end of the day, music is still her first love. Anderson recently said on Instagram, “Kenedi on stage = Kenedi at her happiest.”