Why Did Makima Kill Power? What Motivated Her?

In the manga series Chainsaw Man, the death of the character Power was a shocking and heartbreaking moment. But it also raised a lot of questions, including one big one: Why did Makima kill Power? This question has been a hot topic of discussion among fans of the series

Why Did Makima Kill Power?

Makima killed Power in order to make Denji and Pochita’s contract void.

Once Makima has defeated Power, she continues by revealing her actual intentions. She clarifies that instead of making a “promise,” Denji made a contract with Pochita, and she intended to break that pact to drive the Chainsaw devil from Denji.

She practically controls him like a slave by purposely providing him with a nice existence, then taking it away from him and threatening him by being the one to construct and ruin Denji’s life.

In chapter 82, Makima says that to provide him a supposedly happy life, she fulfilled both social and material desires by becoming a devil hunter and providing him with a family made up of Power and Aki.

However, she goes on to ruin everything that made up his existence, preventing him from leading the contented life he had always desired.

How did Makima kill Power in Chainsaw Man?

The events that followed took place during the Control Demon Arc and concluded in Manga Chapter 91.

Denji is informed by Makima that Power was invited to his apartment and that she has given him the go-ahead to open the door to murder her.

Power is mercilessly murdered by Makima, who blows off her head and torso with a finger, leaving only her legs, while Denji opens the door to find Power waiting for him outside with a birthday cake.

When Makima attacked Denji, Power was sound sleeping. However, Pochita awoke her suddenly and pushed her to assist Denji.

Power is certain that Makima killed her earlier, but Pochita tells her that this is just because Denji had earlier consumed her blood.

A little while later, Power transforms from Denji’s body into the Blood Fiend, completely changing her appearance to resemble a demon and donning a mask like Pochita’s.

Disoriented, Makima strikes Power, but Power quickly counters with a more potent blow because of the power increase she gained from devouring Pochita.

Then Makima uses her army of zombies to take control of her, chops off her right arm, and asks how Power, who has already been killed, is still alive.

Does Power Come Back?

Although Power hasn’t returned in the physical sense yet, she was able to speak with Denji inside his head and even engage with Pochita after allowing him to drink her blood in an earlier chapter.

Because she died and reincarnated as the demon in chapter 90, she is once again a different person from herself. Power begged Denji to track down the Blood Devil so that they could be together again.

Also, this link would enable Denji to retaliate against Makima. However, Power’s existence at this moment is limited to being merged into Denji’s body and thoughts, much like Pochita’s.

Final Words

All we can do now is grieve for Power and consider her future as her journey and her inherent essence come to an end.

Everything you require to know about Power’s friendship with Denji and how it ultimately influenced Makima’s choice to kill her has been elucidated.

Also, you are fully aware of Makima’s perspective on the matter, so with that knowledge, we can conclude this article’s purpose and go forward.