Why Did Michael Jordan Wear 45? What Were His Reasons

One of the major hot-button issues when Michael Jordan returned to the NBA concerned his change of jerseys. Retiring at the zenith of his powers in 1993, the Hall of Fame guard returned late in the 1995 season.

People would probably raise this piece of his No. 23 at the thought of MJ. Still, when Michael Jordan came back to the Bulls, his jersey now had 45 on the back.

Why Did Michael Jordan Wear 45?

Michael Jordan and the No. 23 are synonymous, but he famously wore No. 45 when he returned from his first retirement in 1995.

When he retired in 1993, Jordan talked about how meaningful it was that his father saw him play his last game. Jordan’s father died in August of 1993.

Jordan talked about why he wore No. 45 when he returned in the spring of 1995 in Episode 8 of “The Last Dance.”

“I didn’t want to wear 23 because I knew my father wasn’t there to watch me, and I felt it was a new beginning and 45 was my first number when I was playing in high school,” Jordan said.

Michael Jordan Had A Second Run With 23 On His Back

After the comments of Nick Anderson, Jordan came back with his number 23 and immediately responded to Anderson and the Magic.

MJ answered 38 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists to help the Bulls win the game. MJ and the Bulls fared terribly, as they were upset by the Magic.

Jordan had stated he decided to put on 45 because his dad wasn’t around to be on hand for him play the game, and he wanted a new beginning with the NBA.

The number didn’t stick around long, of course, but it was a nice gesture by Jordan to his right-hand man en route to the top of the sport of basketball.

Final Thoughts

Among the maze of Michael Jordan’s career, the choice of jersey number 45 looks another very interesting chapter. It is a story of rebirth, staying power, and the quest for excellence that never ceases.

What was used to be synonymous with an interlude, a mini break, is now only substantiating how the 45 will be the symbol of a multi-dimensional legacy and near-present spirit of inspiring fans throughout the world.