Why Did Travis Kelce Pick Number 87? What Were His Reasons?

Why Did Travis Kelce Pick Number 87? Travis Kelce is one of the NFL’s most successful athletes. But the “Taylor Swift Effect” didn’t really take off until lately, when his jersey sales increased by 400%.

This occurred as a result of the “All Too Well” singer and the prominent Kansas City Chiefs tight end being spotted together following her attendance at the Chiefs vs. Bears game. Why did Travis Kelce pick the number 87 though?

Why Did Travis Kelce Pick Number 87?

Travis’ older brother, Jason Kelce, who plays center for the Philadelphia Eagles, was born in 1987. As a result, to honor his supportive brother, he chose ’87’ as his jersey number.

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce have a beautiful friendship. The two collaborated to launch a successful podcast and created history together by facing off in the 2023 Super Bowl.

They have always supported each other in their professional and personal endeavors. They have the highest regard for each other, whether they are encouraging each other to play like NFL champs or pranking each other like any other pair of brothers.

What Did Travis Say about Jason Kelce?

During the 2023 Super Bowl, Travis stated that Jason paved the road for him. He cannot thank him enough for doing so.

Travis went on to explain that he simply hopes Jason remains as happy as he is right now, that nothing changes for him, and that he only wins one Super Bowl and himself wins the rest.

Jason Kelce also takes every chance to convey his pride in his brother’s success. During a speech, he remarked that Travis is a very cool man who he likes.

Jason has tried to be a nice big brother, but he believes Travis sometimes gives him too much credit, he’s simply glad for everything he’s done to be where he is now.

What is Travis Kelce’s Salary?

Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs star tight end, boasts a salary structure with several components affecting his total earnings. Here’s a breakdown for 2024:

  • Base Salary: $12,000,000. This constitutes his guaranteed income for the season.
  • Workout Bonus: $250,000. Earned upon completing specific offseason training activities.

Kelce’s contract includes performance-based bonuses. Reaching specific receiving yards, receptions, or touchdown milestones can increase his earnings. The exact details and potential payouts are undisclosed.

Combining the base salary, workout bonus, and estimated incentives, Kelce’s 2024 earnings could approach $13-14 million.

Final Words

Travis Kelce’s decision to wear the number 87 is deeper than you thought. It is more than just a jersey number. It represents family, perseverance, and an incredible journey to the NFL.

So, next time you see Travis on the field, take a moment to apreciate the significance of the number he waers.