Why Did Mirabel Not Get a Gift? What Unfolded in the Enchanting World of Encanto?

Why Did Mirabel Not Get a Gift? Disney’s Encanto has won over hearts with its touching tale of the value of tradition and family. With a voice cast that includes Maluma and Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the film is sure to hold a special place in the canon of Disney animated films.

Although Encanto was available on Disney+ one month ago and in theaters for two months, it seems that the Disney film is only now beginning to receive the recognition it so richly merits.

Why Did Mirabel Not Get a Gift?

Mirabel is the only member of the Madrigal family who was not granted a superhuman ability when she was a child.

She feels as though she can’t contribute in the same way as others and doesn’t fit in with the rest of her family as a result.

The movie doesn’t make it clear exactly why Mirabel was skipped over but also shows that it didn’t matter as she’s the one who eventually saves the day.

Each member of the Madrigal family, endowed with a unique magical power, uses their gifts to help the town’s residents thrive and develop. The Madrigals reside in a small Colombian town.

Mom Julieta can heal people with food, sister Luisa possesses superhuman strength, and Aunt Pepa can control the weather. The list is endless, but each character’s strength is an expression of who they are.

By the end of the film, however, it becomes clear that Mirabel was not alone in her family in not receiving a gift; in fact, she had one all along.

What is Mirabel’s Gift?

The film’s conclusion makes clear that Mirabel’s gift is her. When cracks begin to show up in La Casa Madrigal, Mirabel learns that these fissures are a reflection of the breaks in her family’s bonds with one another.

This is verified following Mirabel and Abuela Alma’s massive brawl, which sends the casita tumbling to the ground.

It’s evident by the end of the movie that Mirabel is her creation. As fissures start to appear in La Casa Madrigal, Mirabel discovers that these fractures are a mirror of the rifts in her family’s relationships.

This is confirmed after a fierce fight between Mirabel and Abuela Alma that knocks the casita to the ground.

Even though Mirabel lacks physical prowess, her unique power is love, and the magic returns because of her ability to reunite the family.

Several family members, including Isabela and Bruno, can accept and grow as themselves because of her actions.

The candle that was meant to be the source of the family’s magical abilities does not relight at the end of the film, implying that Mirabel now possesses those abilities.

Bruno remarks, “You’re the real gift, kid,” just before she opens the door to the recently constructed home. Permit us entry.”

The Power of Love and Acceptance

The central themes of Mirabel’s narrative are her quest for self-acceptance and her capacity to value her uniqueness.

She actively challenges her role in the family and her sense of inadequacy throughout the film, but in the end, her unwavering love and empathy for her loved ones win out.

Mirabel shows that what makes us unique is not our superhuman powers or immaculate looks, but rather our ability to love, comprehend, and support those around us without fail.

We can write our own stories and become heroes by embracing our uniqueness and the characteristics that make us unique.

Final Words

Rather than coming from magical abilities, Mirabel’s journey shows throughout the film that true power comes from resilience, love, and understanding.

In the end, Mirabel plays a crucial part in rescuing her family and their enchanted home by accepting her uniqueness and its difficulties.