Why Did Addison Rae Delete Her Tiktok? What Promoted This Decision?

It’s very sad news for Addison Rae fans, her TikTok account has been banned. I’ve seen rumors saying she deleted her account, but that’s not true. She was banned from the social media platform. The 21-year-old social media star shared a screenshot on Twitter of a notice she allegedly received from TikTok saying that her account was given the axe.

What Made Addison Rae Delete Her TikTok Account?

The truth is, Addison Rae, didn’t delete her TikTok account, it was banned by the platform.

The controversial social media personality took to Twitter last week to share with her followers that she had been banished from the video-sharing platform indefinitely. “Well, time to get a job,” she penned and attached a screenshot of her blocked TikTok account.

As per the shared screenshot, Addison had received a notification saying, “Your account was permanently banned for multiple violations of our Community Guidelines. You can download your data.

Has Addison Rae Left the Hype House?

Not just yet bailed, though many telltale signs Addison isn’t in the House anymore, similar to the signs before the D’Amelios left. It’s posted on the group’s TikTok never to show off House merch.

That being said, the House Instagram does post her photos on their story and

still follows her. But then again, they also still follow Charli and Dixie, so that might not say much.

Addison herself captioned the video that she was leaving Hype House, just so we can all be sure once and for all when we get some sort of the D’Amelios but Twitter is rooting for her to branch out on her own at last.