Why Did Rihanna Cover Tame Impala? What Was the Reason?

Why Did Rihanna Cover Tame Impala? When Rihanna covered Tame Impala’s “New Person, Same Old Mistake”, it was like a match made in music heaven It was a testament to the electric and bold nature of Rihanna’s music. What really inspired Rihanna to make a cover of the song?

Why Did Rihanna Cover Tame Impala?

Rihanna’s cover of Tame Impala’s “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” (renamed “Same Ol’ Mistakes” on her album ANTI) was an unexpected but ultimately intriguing approach, inspired by a confluence of factors:

The original song apparently spoke to Rihanna both musically and thematically, which surprised fans of the singer.

Its investigation of relationship cycles complemented the subjects covered on ANTI, and its surreal soundtrack complemented her album’s aural inquiry.

Rihanna’s album ANTI was a change from her typical pop sound and demonstrated her commitment to experimentation and pushing the boundaries of her work.

Her willingness to take chances and her artistic development was showcased when she covered a highly regarded psychedelic rock tune like “New Person, Same Old Mistakes”.

The partnership arose from a mutual regard between the artists. Kevin Parker of Tame Impala instantly approved the cover, appreciating Rihanna’s version and the potential exposure it could bring to his music.

The cover promoted Tame Impala’s music to a larger audience, many of whom were previously unfamiliar with the band. This exposure allowed Tame Impala to achieve greater popularity while also providing Rihanna’s followers with a new auditory experience.

What Did Tame Impala about Rihanna’s Cover?

In interviews, Parker openly expressed his enthusiasm about the cover, calling it “cool” and praising how it took the song “into that R&B realm…it felt like it got what it finally deserved.” He seemed genuinely flattered by Rihanna’s interest and impressed by her interpretation.

Parker respected Rihanna’s artistic decisions and acknowledged her vision. He observed that the song’s R&B potential was brought to light by the cover, something he hadn’t really investigated.

He recognized the potential of the cover to expose Tame Impala to a wider audience, stating, “Hopefully it seemed that way already…you know from what Morra here (bandmate) said.” He saw it as a positive opportunity for their music to reach new listeners.

n response to questions about working with Rihanna directly, Parker seemed open to the possibility, saying, “You know these kind of things you bump into people. I’d love to do something future.”

All things considered, Tame Impala responded to Rihanna’s cover with sincere gratitude, respect, and an openness to working together again in the future.

Final Words

It was more than just a curious musical choice when Rihanna sang Tame Impala’s “New Person, Same Old Mistakes”—rather, it was a union of artistic expression, human connection, and respect for one another.

It demonstrated Rihanna’s admiration for Tame Impala’s soundscape and her willingness to push boundaries and experiment with new sounds.

It was an unexpected honor for Tame Impala, extending their reach and showcasing the song’s adaptability.