Why Did Rihanna Stop Making Music? What Inspired Her?

Why Did Rihanna Stop Making Music? It’s been a long time since Rihanna’s last album, but the wait for new music has only made us hungrier for her unique sound. So what happened to Rihanna? And will we ever hear new music from her? These are the questions on everyone’s mind.

We’ll try to answer them. So get ready for a peep into Rihanna’s music and what the future might hold.

Why Did Rihanna Stop Making Music?

Rihanna hasn’t entirely stopped making music, but, indeed, she hasn’t released a solo album since 2016’s ANTI. There are several reasons for this hiatus:

1. Entrepreneurial Ventures

The year 2017 saw Rihanna launch Fenty Beauty – a transformative makeup line dedicated to embracing inclusivity.

After its triumph, she broadened Fenty Skin and Savage X Fenty her move into skincare as well.

These ventures blossomed into multi-nationals, taking up most of her time and instead of serving to clear the space around music, they dragged her away from it.

2. Creative Hiatus and High Standards

Rihanna had a feeling that she achieved something artistically rich and at the same time, was unsure if her next step could be warranted via ANTI. The source also mentioned that she seemed to be put under pressure to do a better job, as it can be considered toxic.

This perfectionism could have led to her stepping aside as she aimed to seek joy and fun pastimes.

3. Shifting Priorities

It is important to note that, in 2023, Rihanna had a baby girl from whom she became a mother. Motherhood is likely to become another factor determining her current priorities.

Maintaining a personal life, new businesses and her music is no easy task she might spend more time on the other side of things.

4. Unreleased Music and Future Plans

However, Rihanna suggests that while there has been a break in service to provide fans with new material, she’s still making music. In 2023 She said she desires to release a new album “this” year therefore she’s actively in the process of recording for new albums.

That delay may reflect the desire for something appropriate in terms of “background music with the visuals,” which suggests careful attention to integrating a product of production as one part of an artistic whole.

5. No Permanent Departure

It should, however, be recalled that Rihanna never declared a complete retirement from the realm of music.

She, however, kept her break period busy with a number of other working artists such as PARTYNEXTDOOR, and was featured in the Black Panther soundtrack.

The love for music is written in bold letters, and the desire to release new stuff definitely means further projects ahead.

When was Rihanna’s Last Performance?

Examining television appearances, Rihanna’s most recent one occurred during the Super Bowl LVII Half-Time Show on February 12th, 2023. This was her return show marking five years without live performances.

This was following her ‘The ANTI World Tour’ which was her last full concert tour. Even though she didn’t sing during the army event, she did a private corporate which took place in Dubai, but it is not clear if there was some singing involved.

Final Words

The music hiatus that Rihanna has taken now is an effect of entrepreneurial success, creative challenges, personal life changes, and work by the artist.

During the waiting time, her passion and perseverance to provide a superior product and continuing musical activities promoted expectations for another studio album satisfying her demands in terms of quality and capacity to please the audience.