Why Did Rihanna Write Bbhmm? What Inspired Her?

You probably know by now just how much Rihanna slays in her new music video for “B*tch Better Have My Money.” But what you probably don’t know: when it comes to her money, Rihanna slays in more ways than one.

The music video came out, and we couldn’t help but immediately draw a connection to Rihanna’s real life and a few money struggles she had a couple of years ago in 2009.

Why Did Rihanna Write Bbhmm?

In 2009, news that Rihanna’s accountant was running her money so badly came out. He not only supposedly failed to tell her that her 2009 Last Girl on Earth tour was losing money, but he also recommended spending more than $7.5 million on a mansion.

The combination of these two tragic mistakes left Rihanna effectively bankrupt by the end of the year.

The Hint in Rihanna’s New Music Video

Though at best the details of the plot are nebulous in “BBHMM”—there is no outright mention of what took place in the lyrics—this very short time is pivotal to make a point.

But when Rihanna referred to actor Mads Mikkelsen as “The Accountant aka ‘The B*tch,'” she drew a direct line to that same professional who had destroyed her finances in 2009.

Final Thoughts

But, since the concrete reality of the events in “BBHMM” is nebulous at best, and none of what went down is directly referenced in the lyrics, this very short slice is key in forging a connection.

When Rihanna labels actor Mads Mikkelsen as “The Accountant aka ‘The B*tch,'” it is a clear line to the same professional who devastated her finances in 2009.