Why Did Rihanna Write Unfaithful? What Inspired Her?

Rihanna is the singer of many hit songs, but some of the most soulful and emotional pieces, apart from “Unfaithful,” are “Umbrella,” “We Found Love,” and “Diamonds.” The lead single from her second album “A Girl Like Me,” was released in 2006.

The song deals with such rude facts of life as infidelity and pain it brings both to the cheated-on person and the cheater.

This article is an attempt to unveil the song’s meaning and to propose different ways of song interpretation that should be made by the listeners to do it.

Why Did Rihanna Write Unfaithful?

Rihanna hasn’t told the world why she wrote the song, Unfaithful. As for the literal lyrics of the song “Unfaithful,” the song tells a tragic story of a woman cheating on her partner. The song begins with the lines, “Story of my life, searching for the right but it keeps avoiding me.

Sorrow in my soul, ’cause it seems that wrong loves my company.” It depicts a situation of pain and uncertainty on the part of a woman going through life who seems to be living the wrong relationship and looking for a way out.

A chorus in this song that is highly sentimental is where Rihanna says, “I don’t wanna do this anymore. I don’t wanna be the reason why. Every time I walk out the door, I see him die a little more inside.

 Is “Unfaithful” a Feminist Song?

Whether “Unfaithful” is a feminist song or not is purely subjective. Some would insist that the song is feminist because of the issue it touches.

As being from a female’s perspective and acknowledging complicated feelings that could propel someone to be unfaithful.

Some argue that it further compounds gender stereotypes by presenting that the woman must be faithful.

Final thoughts

In Rihanna’s song “Unfaithful,” the overarching theme is the internal struggle between love and infidelity.

This theme is vividly portrayed through the lyrics, which delve into the emotions and consequences of being unfaithful in a relationship.

One standout lyric that carries a powerful message is: “I don’t wanna be the reason why, Every time I walk out the door, I see him die a little more inside.” This lyric conveys the guilt and pain the protagonist feels when she realizes the impact of her actions on her partner.