Why Did Ser Criston Kill Joffrey? What Led to This Shocking Betrayal?

Why Did Ser Criston Kill Joffrey? House of the Dragon’s fifth episode concluded with several events that will undoubtedly be significant and have a big influence on the show’s future developments. In terms of wedding customs, it’s a Game of Thrones tradition.

At Rhaenyra and Ser Laenor’s wedding feast, it did occur, that there was bloodshed. However, the question of why Criston Cole killed Joffrey still stands, and we will address it in this piece.

Why Did Ser Criston Kill Joffrey?

Criston Cole killed Joffrey to keep Rhaenyra safe and because the pressure he must have been under drove him to the brink.

Joffrey came up to Cole and began making jokes about how Rhaenyra and Laenor make such a good couple. Then he said, “I know Cole loves Rhaenyra just as much as he loves Laenor.”

Joffrey told Cole that those secrets should be kept private because if they are, then everyone else is as well.

Cole must have realized at this point that Joffrey’s knowledge of him and the Princess poses a threat to Rhaenyra’s position.

Furthermore, he emphasized to him his obligation as a Kingsguard member and the immense disgrace and dishonor he brought upon himself.

All of this eventually reached a breaking point inside Ser Criston, who then lost it and began punching Joffrey so hard that he killed him.

Because of the pressure Joffrey must have been under to the point of breaking, Criston Cole killed him to protect Rhaenyra. Joffrey discovered that Cole is Rhaenyra’s romantic interest and that Rhaenyra would be in danger if the truth were to be revealed.

In addition, he felt that he had betrayed the realm and himself, which made him extremely uncomfortable and ashamed.

How Was Joffrey Killed By Criston Cole?

As Rhaenyra and Daemon danced and argued in a way that could be described as playful banter, screams and shouts broke out in a crowded room.

A sizable crowd had gathered around the indistinguishable event; some were scared, while others applauded. Abruptly, the guards began to storm toward the scene of the alleged riot.

Rhaenyra began yelling and calling out for Ser Laenor, who was then seen a short while later pushing Ser Criston, who was fighting with someone.

We can now see the true situation after Cole, who had been shoved, got up and punched Laenor in the face.

Cole is sitting on Joffrey, who is lying on the ground with a knife in his hand, and he is punching him very hard. Joffrey made an effort to push Cole away from himself, but he was unsuccessful.

Eventually, Cole lost it and began striking Joffrey so violently and quickly that he crushed his skull, leaving Joffrey lifeless with a mutilated face and blood all over.

Criston calmed down, got to his feet slowly, and simply left after realizing that Joffrey had died. As Ser Laenor lost the person he loved the most, he began to cry and scream. Why all of this occurred is still the key mystery.

Will Ser Criston Face Legal Consequences?

After the pre-wedding party ended violently, Criston distanced himself. After taking off his armor, he held a shortsword directly in front of his belly.

But Queen Alicent Hightower appeared just as he was about to commit suicide.

After stopping Criston in his tracks and announcing her plans to have her son Aegon Targaryen stake a claim to the Iron Throne through her attire at the party, it looks as though she will capitalize on Criston’s rage and enlist him in her cause.

Final Words

It will be fascinating to watch how Criston’s journey develops as House of the Dragon moves forward with a time jump, casting a flurry of new actors in some of the roles.

Rhaenyra’s future is also complicated because she got married again after her first marriage and The Dance of the Dragons is the result of her quest for ultimate power.