Why Did Voldemort Want to Kill Harry? What Dark Secrets Motivated Him?

Why Did Voldemort Want to Kill Harry? Known for being Harry’s adversary, Lord Voldemort is among the most nuanced characters in the Harry Potter books. He had no problem killing people, particularly those who disagreed with him or got in his way. What specifically motivated Voldemort to murder Harry and his parents, though?

Why Did Voldemort Want to Kill Harry?

The main antagonist and evil wizard Lord Voldemort is particularly notable for being a cunning character who has an unexplained fixation on killing Harry Potter. Let’s check some unique facts why he decided to kill Harry;

1. Prophecy;

A key element propelling Voldemort’s fixation is the prophecy Sybill Trelawney made. It predicted that a child born at the end of July to parents who had three times disobeyed him would be capable of defeating the Dark Lord.

Voldemort identified Harry as a possible threat because he was afraid of this prophecy and wanted to get rid of him before he could endanger his rule.

2. Dread of Being Helpless;

Voldemort’s actions are a result of his insecurity. He feels that Harry, being the only known survivor of the Killing Curse, has a special bond with him because he split his soul into Horcruxes to become immortal.

Voldemort is determined to kill Harry to protect his power because this connection undermines his sense of invincibility.

3. Blood Ties;

Voldemort’s desire to kill Harry is also greatly fueled by their blood connection.

Voldemort unintentionally made a connection with Harry when he utilized his blood to transform back into his full form.

Harry was able to sense Voldemort’s thoughts, feelings, and even whereabouts thanks to this connection, which made him both a useful tool to use against others and a possible threat.

4. The Chosen One;

Harry’s destiny as the Chosen One, who must face and ultimately vanquish Voldemort, only serves to heighten the Dark Lord’s obsession.

Motivated by a desire for absolute power, Voldemort believes that destroying Harry will secure his supremacy over the wizarding community.

5. Enviousness and Detest;

Voldemort’s desire to kill Harry is fueled by his disdain for him, which stems from his jealousy of the affection and attention Harry receives.

Voldemort, who is incapable of appreciating the power of love, views Harry’s existence as an insult to himself and is motivated to destroy the representation of what he lacks.

6. Retaliation For a Loss;

In their first meeting, Harry accidentally destroys a piece of Voldemort’s soul, which makes the Dark Lord weaker.

Determined to exact revenge for this humiliating setback, Voldemort grows more and more desperate to murder Harry, holding him accountable for his waning strength.

7. The Link Between Horcrux;

The Horcruxes, artifacts holding fragments of Voldemort’s soul, are also connected to Voldemort’s obsession with killing Harry.

Voldemort’s attempt to kill Harry as a baby turns him into a Horcrux, so when Harry dies, a portion of Voldemort’s soul is accidentally destroyed, returning him to mortality.

What Powers Did Harry Possess That Voldemort Lacked?

When Harry was still a baby, Voldemort attempted to kill him. Though Lily gave her life to save her son, Voldemort’s curse came back to hurt him, even though he should have killed him. Harry was only slightly affected by it.

In the movies, it’s frequently stated that love has the ultimate power. Now, while the explanation of this magical, power-filled world saved by the mother’s love is lovely, it falls somewhat short.

Perhaps Voldemort’s wand, Lily’s protection, or a charm prevented Harry from being properly affected by the curse.

Ever since Lily defended Harry, her sacrifice has been infused into Harry’s DNA. The killing curse backfired, destroying Voldemort’s physical form.

Another Horcrux was made after a portion of his soul attached itself to Harry, the only living thing it could find. However, this one was unplanned.

Harry’s parents were Aurors who had a son during a war and desired to battle Voldemort. Lily Potter therefore had to act to safeguard her family.

As was evident following the most recent battle, this protection remained with him.

Final words

But when Voldemort pursued Harry, he was still a baby. Naturally, James and Lily fought back with everything they had—including their own lives—when the Dark Lord appeared and attempted to kill their infant son.