Why Did Steve Perry Leave Journey? What Led to His Departure from the Band?

Why Did Steve Perry Leave Journey? Journey was one of the biggest rock bands of the 1980s, and Steve Perry’s soaring vocals and captivating stage presence were synonymous with the band for more than ten years.

Well-known songs such as “Open Arms,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” solidified their legacy in the past. But in 1998, following years of rumors and conflict, Perry announced his desire to leave Journey.

We will unfold the untold narrative of Steve Perry’s departure from Journey. We’ll look at the factors that influenced his choice.

Why Did Steve Perry Leave Journey?

Following his success as the lead vocalist on nine blockbuster “Journey” albums, Steve decided to further pursue his solo endeavors.

The album “Street Talk,” his debut solo effort, was published in 1984. Before getting back together in 1987, the band did take a brief hiatus, and their success was certain.

But Perry’s mother unexpectedly became ill, making it very difficult for the singer to organize and handle everything.

This had an impact on the band, and the singer missed more time until they got back together for good in 1996. After their CD was published, Perry had an accident while trekking in Hawaii.

Tension amongst the members increased when he was unable to play on the planned tour following the accident. In actuality, the degenerative bone condition was eventually brought on by the hip injury, necessitating a hip replacement.

However, Perry preferred to delay the tour and was not looking forward to having the operation right away.

It was 17 long months later, and he never had the procedure. Ultimately, the other band members threatened to hire a new lead singer if the singer didn’t have the operation.

Where Is Steve Perry Now After Leaving Journey?

After splitting from the band, Steve truly vanished from the music business. The musician noticed that he was rapidly losing his ability to write and sing, therefore he only made a few appearances and conducted a few interviews.

In the process, the actual reason for making music was forgotten. He finished the unfinished album “Traces” that he had begun a long time ago in 2018. And he made another comeback to the music industry.

He claimed that he had the creative freedom to begin composing and recording these songs knowing that I would be the only one to hear them. He also rediscovers my passion for music in the process.

Every song is a hopeful glimpse into the future while simultaneously symbolizing remnants of his history. He also made it very clear that he would never, ever get back together with his bandmates.

Final Words

The vocalist confirmed in 2018 that he departed the group because of hip surgery. The singer felt that his injury decision, which had an impact on him and his family, shouldn’t involve the band.

Steve is gradually making his way back into the business and resuming his solo career, which he had to abandon because of health concerns.

Fams are sending him their warmest wishes, and we hope that our beloved artist finds success once more!