Why Did Alicia Keys Appear in Movies? What Prompted This Decision?

After more than half a decade of killing it softly with her songs, R&B prodigy Alicia Keys gets ready to show the world that she’s also a good actress. She has been anointed as a do-or-die hit woman in the crime thriller film “Smokin’ Aces”.

Co-starring with Hollywood veterans Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Andy Garcia and Ray Liotta, Keys almost makes their profession look too easy, bringing to her character the same kind of confidence and emotional depth that she injected into her chart-topping music.

Why Did Alicia Keys Venture Into Acting?

Alicia Keys, who has taken to acting as another creative path apart from her successful music career, which could inspire her with the privileges and challenges that come along in acting to express emotions using yet another form of art to tell stories.

Keys noted that she had always wanted to reach people on a global platform and found acting as one of the means to get there, creating various personalities and adding to the celluloid world through her talent.

These acting ventures show her commitment to artistic evolution, pushing her own limits in different facets of expression in creativity, and seeing satisfaction with what she does have.

Who is Alicia Key Married to?

She is actually now married to a rapper on stage, going by the name Swizz Beatz, whose real name is Kasseem Daoud Dean.

He was born in New York, New York, on September 13, 1978, and has been in the hip-hop game for years as a veteran rapper, record producer, DJ, and songwriter.

Swizz Beatz broke into the music scene by coming up through his family-owned record label, Ruff Ryders Entertainment.

He was also well publicized alongside veteran rapper DMX as his producer and DJ.
Swizz has worked with other famous musicians, including Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and his wife Alicia Keys, among many others in both music and entertainment.

He joined the Brooklyn Museum board of trustees in 2015 from the involvement in the fashion industry. He also did work for such companies as Reebok as creative director.

Final Thoughts

Alicia Keys started acting as a source of variety and an outlet for her expression in yet another medium. She was looking forward to providing an experience where her audience could share with her through acting in the movie and telling their own stories in front of large groups of people.

This project is a testimony of her willingness to learn for the artistic need to evolve and to cross other continents outside the already knew field that implies her music career.

For her, acting was something new; it was a space for her feelings to be released from characters and the audience to have a truly vivid taste of the dynamic world of cinema.