Why Did Ariana Grande and Big Sean Split? What Led to This?

Why Did Ariana Grande and Big Sean Split? Grande and Big Sean were the ideal celebrity pair, providing fans with not only incredible song collaborations but also a relationship that many wished they had.

Many people are still wondering why Ariana Grande and Big Sean decided to end their romance after only eight and a half months together.

Real Reasons Ariana Grande and Big Sean Split

Their conflicting and busy schedules contributed to the split. Ariana Grande and Big Sean shocked fans worldwide in 2015 when they announced their divorce after nearly nine months together.

Many people couldn’t believe that the couple behind songs like “Right There” and “Best Mistake” were no longer together.


According to sources close to the relationship, Big Sean and Ariana Grande split up owing to conflicting work schedules.

During their breakup, Ariana Grande and Big Sean were both on tour and writing new music. This made it increasingly difficult to spend time together.

They decided that parting ways at the time would not have a negative impact on their relationship later on.

Is Ariana Grande and Big Sean still Friends?

Big Sean and Ariana Grande’s relationship ended nearly four years ago, but their friendship has persisted.

Ariana Grande acknowledged this a few months ago, mentioning him in her big hit “Thank U, Next.” Big Sean was among the first to hear Grande’s song, and she later revealed that he really liked it.

During a visit on the Zach Sang Show, Ariana Grande revealed that she submitted the song to Sean, who loved it. He said, ‘D-n, I’m the first one, right?’ She said, ‘I mean, you know, I went kind of in order.’

Following their split, Ariana Grande and Big Sean moved on with other people. Grande started dating rapper Mac Miller, and Big Sean moved on to singer Jhené Aiko.

Ariana Grande and Big Sean are currently single and were recently spotted together. They were observed exiting a Los Angeles recording studio together.

Big Sean was driving a car, and Ariana Grande was in the passenger seat, holding her puppy.

Many believe the former couple may be interested in rekindling their romance, but for the time being, Sean and Grande are enjoying one other’s company as friends.

Final Words

The separation between Ariana Grande and Big Sean was a watershed moment in the world of celebrity romances. Rather of focusing on the causes for their split, we should celebrate the love and music they shared while they were together.

Although their connection was brief, its significance is apparent. Finally, we should all remember to enjoy the current moment and not get too caught up in the past.