Why Did Alicia Keys Write a Song for the Film Queen of Katwe? What Inspired Her?

Disney’s “Queen of Katwe” is a true story of a young girl from the streets of Kampala, Uganda whose world changes when she is introduced to the game of chess. It’s clearly placed as an inspiring story, and to underpin that message, Disney brought on Alicia Keys to write and perform a new song for the soundtrack, “Back To Life.”

Why Did Alicia Keys Write a Song for “Queen of Katwe”?

Alicia Keys musician and song writer and whose song has inspired audiences through the depth of the feeling of the film.

Keys was attracted by the story and the themes of resilience and triumph, she wanted her contribute to the uniqueness of the film. Creating the music to reflect on the characters and what they stood for, the music turned out to be a magical experience.

The song of Keys not only powers the films but also serves somewhat like a universal anthem, reaching out and touching anyone who has either felt injured or struggled against the odds that must be conquered.

Why Did Alicia Keys Venture Into Acting?

Alicia Keys, who has taken to acting as another creative path apart from her successful music career, which could inspire her with the privileges and challenges that come along in acting to express emotions using yet another form of art to tell stories.

Keys noted that she had always wanted to reach people on a global platform and found acting as one of the means to get there, creating various personalities and adding to the celluloid world through her talent.

These acting ventures show her commitment to artistic evolution, pushing her own limits in different facets of expression in creativity, and seeing satisfaction with what she does have.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Alicia Keys wrote a musical piece for the film “Queen of Katwe,” which would emote and inspire, sensitize as it should. The song, “Back to Life,” was thus written, echoing the will as it should of Mukke’s real-life story.

Alicia was keen on increasing the storytelling space and was moved to express the struggles of the characters by her music.

The song would eventually become an anthem connecting myriad people worldwide, no longer alone in their problems, but a mighty force forever bound by resiliency.

Very relatable to the fact that life is real, Alicia Keys brought her musical genius to make “Queen of Katwe” a movie in which people can have an experience with.