Why Did Alicia Keys Start a Scholarship Program? What Prompted This Decision?

Singer Alicia Keys is doing her best to help a few super talented teenagers continue their education. She joined The Open Doors Scholars Program to offer scholarships of $5,000 to students from four cities around the country. The four winners will be from Jacksonville, New Orleans, Atlanta, and New York City.

Open Doors Scholars Program is part of From the Ground Up, a nonprofit founded by Keys’s road manager, D.J. Walton.

In turn, for their scholarship prizes, the winners speak at local events and each semester come back to university to perform community service.

Why Did Alicia Keys Create a Scholarship Program?

The scholarship program by Alicia Keys was established to put into practice the educational opportunities for all students and reach out to the less privileged. Driven to her strong belief that education is a tool of empowerment and transformation for life, Keys approaches breaking of barriers and even the accessibility of learning.

She hopes that her scholarship will actually help in the empowerment of those talented beings that due to financial constraints feel that they cannot actually pursue their academic dreams.

Keys seek to unlock doors for these students, ideally through education, so they realize more fully their potential within themselves and work at it, making a contribution that builds solid communities. In general, this scholarship reflects that commitment to equality and making positive change through the gift of education.

Alicia Key’s Charity Work

Keep a Child Alive was launched by Keys and Leigh Blake in 2003 and was set up to provide aid to children across the world, including the impact of HIV/AIDS.

By 2016, almost 90,000 children and young people across Africa and Asia are under continuous treatment due to the help of Keep A Child Alive (KCA).

Along the way, the service expanded and is also extended to help communities with maternal and child mortality, leadership training, and the prevention of child sexual abuse. KCA is currently active in multiple countries, including Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa and India.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Alicia Keys set up the scholarship program since she believes that there is equality of opportunity with respect to education, regardless of the financial strength of the person.

She widely spread the word so that the help is given to all the students who might have problems with their studies in that one can chase their dream. Keys, in other words, relay that she wants people’s lives to be changed positively through scholarships by achieving equality and thus creating opportunities for them.

That was all her way of ensuring that talented and serious students get the support they require in order to get on well with their academic journeys. That is to say; the scholarship drives by Alicia Keys are designed in order to be the level playing ground.