Why Did Ariana Grande and Jennette Mccurdy Stop Being Friends? What Truly Happened?

Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande were two of the biggest child stars of their generation. The two starred together on the hit Nickelodeon show “iCarly” for six seasons, beginning from 2007.

Their careers have since spiraled in completely different directions: McCurdy mostly left the spotlight, but Grande rose to become one of the globe’s biggest pop stars. The question people keep asking is, Why Did Ariana Grande and Jennette Mccurdy stop being friends? if you want to find out, read through to find out.

Why Did Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy End Their Friendship?

It’s not very clear, given that the two have not been spotted hanging out in recent years or issued any statements regarding their relationship.

However, considering they both have had mass success with their careers from those victorious roots ever since then even today, they probably do get along well at least.

Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy co-starred on the same TV show. After just one season, Nickelodeon cancelled it a mere year later.

Word on the street was that a rift had developed between the two because of issues related to pay and treatment. McCandless didn’t come back as the role of Sam on iCarly because she wasn’t happy with it.

How is Jennette Mccurdy Doing Now?

After four years residing away from the public eye, Jennette released her first book and memoir: I’m Glad My Mom Died, on August 9, 2022.

The novel is an account of the abuse she was subjugated to by her mother, who died of cancer in 2013, during her years of child stardom. The book went on to be minted as a number one New York Times best-selling memoir after its release, taking on the status of a pop cultural phenomenon.

In fact, Jennette shared that writing the book was therapeutic for her in that regard too. “It felt significant in repairing some of the really weighted, complicated relationships that I had with acting,” she told the newspaper. “It felt like finally I’m saying my words and saying things I want to be saying. I’m myself.

Final Thoughts

During a recent episode of her show, McCurdy shared her stories about her time working with Grande on their Nickelodeon show and how it affected their friendship. Since the show ended, McCurdy and Grande have collaborated on other projects together, including iParty with Victorious and Sam and Cat.

McCurdy admits that she was jealous of Grande at the time, and that she now has a superstar following. They are currently starring in the television series Big Little Lies together.