Why Did Lil Nas X’s Music Style Change? What Inspired the Change?

Why did Lil Nas X’s music style change? It’s no secret that Lil Nas X, real name Montero Lamar Hill, is a big deal. The 22-year-old rapper from Georgia just released his debut studio album—Montero, last week, gaining worldwide recognition and acclaim.

There is no doubt that Lil Nas X is on top right now, but what brought him there in the first place, and how why did Lil Nas X’s music style change?

What Led to Lil Nas X Changing his Musical Style?

The Lil Nas X change in his style of music is just a desire to experiment with a diversity of genres. Coming after a break following the outlaw country-rap sensation “Old Town Road,” it seemed that Lil Nas X had broken the boundaries of any kind. 

His later tracks are but an inevitable change due to natural growth as artists do, picking on more R&B or pop features to draw more from experience and emotions. 

Not only a change from a strategic perspective but one that attempts to confront the realness that Lil Nas X’s music identity represents today.

He is very versatile in his craft; he is cutting through various genres of music, annihilating any stamp or stereotype, and being courageous and frank about himself.

How did Old Town Road Use TikTok’s Virality?

It began when “Old Town Road” became viral on TikTok, where mostly youngsters would make renditions and memes of popular songs—in some cases movie clips—for a 15-second short video. And, of course, TikTok just started to be hyped as “Old Town Road” was released by the end of 2018.

It’s a rather short song, with simple beats and a hook that just sticks in your head – exactly custom-fitted for TikTok videos.

This is the time of vines’ advent and lightning-fast video consumption to meet the short attention spans of present-day Gen Z and Gen Alpha audiences, where a focus on specifically tailoring formats of videos to work on a majority of trending platforms only intensifies.

Final Thoughts

Lil Nas X was an independent artist before he became a Grammy Award winner. So how did Lil Nas X pull it off? Here, this is how Lil Nas X broke into the music industry through social media and the circulation of relatable memes.

The college dropout of 2018, he posted a couple of memes on Twitter to only build his audience and promote the links of his upcoming songs when Lil Nas soon found that his memes were getting more attention than his music links.