Why Did Ariana Grande Delete Her Twitter? What Went Wrong?

Why Did Ariana Grande Delete Her Twitter? Ariana Grande is a famous American singer and actress. She has a large social media following, particularly on Twitter. However, some people are doubting if she really deleted her Twitter account.

Why Ariana Grande Deleted Her Twitter?

There is no specific answer to this query because Ariana Grande may have deleted her Twitter account for a variety of reasons.

Maybe she thought she was using social media for too long or that she wasn’t receiving the kind of interaction from her followers that she was hoping for.

Alternatively, she might have been worried about the nasty remarks and trolls that are frequently seen on Twitter, or she might have just wished to start over with a new account.

Whatever the reason, Ariana Grande made the decision to remove her Twitter account, and we are only able to conjecture as to why she did so.

Why Did Ariana Grande Deactivate Her Twitter?

Ariana Grande canceled her Twitter account on July 23, 2018. The reason for her action is unknown, but many assume that it was in response to the severe feedback she received from some of her admirers after posting a tweet that many felt inappropriate.

Grande’s previous tweet featured a lip sync to Mac Miller’s “The Way” from Dangerous Woman. Grande has always expressed her gratitude for Twitter, routinely tweeting photographs and videos of her performances on the social networking platform.

Although Grande hasn’t made an official statement regarding her deactivation, many people assume it has something to do with the ongoing legal dispute she has with her child’s father.

Miles Grande’s custody has been a source of contention between Grande and her father, Peter Safran. Grande has already accused Safran of abuse and stated he is unfit to be a father.

In reaction to the accusations, Miles, who is presently in the Department of Children and Families’ custody, declared that he plans to pursue full custody of him.

Grande left Twitter, creating a vacuum in the social media world. Her admirers will miss her videos and tweets about her life as an entertainer.

Fans Came Up To Support Ariana Grande

Fans blamed trolls for Ariana Grande’s sudden Twitter deactivation. Oli London is a former K-pop performer noted for changing his appearance to resemble his idols.

NCT members, including Taeyong, have stepped up to support Grande. “Ariana Grande has removed herself from Twitter. This is most likely the effect of haters who insulted her. After she presented her new Asian look and photo.

Final Words

Whatever the reason, Ariana’s choice to remove her Twitter account has left fans concerned about her present mental and emotional well. For the time being, Twitter will have to wait and see when (if at all) Ariana returns.