Why Did Georgia Kill Cynthia’s Husband? Were There Signs Missed?

Why Did Georgia Kill Cynthia’s Husband? Ginny & Georgia: Season 2 on Netflix included yet another awful murder. But perhaps this time, the murderer won’t get away with it. At the conclusion of the season, Tom Fuller, Cynthia Fuller’s spouse, passed away and was arrested.

However, why had Tom been killed in the first place? And how was the murderer apprehended? This is an explanation of Ginny & Georgia Season 2’s finale and Tom’s passing.

Why Did Georgia Kill Cynthia’s Husband?

Georgia murdered Cynthia’s husband, Tom, in order to provide closure for Cynthia and Zach. Georgia thought she was protecting them just as Cynthia protected her from Gil.

In season two of Ginny & Georgia, Georgia and Cynthia weren’t quite friends, but they did become a little closer.

Cynthia talked to Gil (Aaron Ashmore), Georgia’s ex-boyfriend, about Georgia and offered to assist him in finding housing when he came to town.

But she quickly saw that he was dangerous and ensured that he would never be allowed to live in Wellsbury.

Cynthia confided in Georgia in episodes 8 and 9 about the toll Tom’s illness had taken on her. She was open about how difficult it was to wait for his passing and how it affected their son.

Following their chat, Georgia crept into Tom’s room and used a pillow to suffocate him while muttering, “It would all be OK.”

How Did Georgia Get Caught?

Georgia has some experience getting away with murder. She might not be able to get away from this crime, though.

In the Ginny & Georgia Season 2 finale, Georgia was arrested for Tom Fuller’s murder after private investigator Gabriel Cordova (Alex Mallari Jr.) barged into her wedding reception.

Austin (Diesel La Torraca), Georgia’s son, the lone witness to the incident, insisted he didn’t inform anyone. Who then reported Georgia?

Before the nuptials, Gabriel disclosed to Nick (Dan Beirne) his actual identity and informed him of Georgia’s murder of her husbands.

But he didn’t have enough proof, so he was leaving for home. Then, Nick revealed that Georgia was there when Tom passed away, which made Gabriel suspicious.

Creator of Ginny & Georgia Sarah Lampert told HollywoodLife that viewers can “safely assume” that Gabriel asked for Tom’s body to be autopsied. This probably meant that he was suffocating and not passing away from his sickness.

It will probably now come down to obtaining concrete evidence that Georgia killed Tom. Now, all fans can do is hope that Ginny & Georgia gets renewed by Netflix for a third season to see how everything turns out.

Final Words

Investigating the “why” behind Georgia’s actions in “Ginny & Georgia” takes viewers on a fascinating expedition into the intricacies of human motivation, prompting them to consider the ethical and moral choices inherent in a world that is frequently shown in grayscale.

The show challenges us to accept the mystery and consider the complex nature of truth by tying together strands of prior pain, intense loyalty, and the hazy boundaries of self-defense.