Why Did Junior Kill Dickie? What Hidden Motive Drove Him?

Why Did Junior Kill Dickie? Tony Soprano is a name that has lasted in popular culture since viewers of “The Sopranos” first saw the mysterious mobster. Tony’s extensive past was only briefly revealed to us throughout the six seasons of the criminal thriller series.

There was enormous potential to explore this backstory because “The Many Saints of Newark” served as a precursor to the play, and the film, to put it mildly, delivers on that promise.

The prequel follows Tony’s connection with his uncle Richard “Dickie” Moltisanti as he grows up. As the movie comes to a close,

Dickie is shot to death, and Junior, Tony’s uncle, is identified as the murderer.

Here’s all you need to know if this revelation has completely shocked you and you’re wondering why the act of violence was done and what the consequences are.

Why Did Junior Kill Dickie?

Why Did Junior Kill Dickie?

In the series, one of Dickie’s associates is shot by Harold’s gang. At their slain comrade’s funeral, the Moltisantis, Sopranos, and their pals congregate.

Junior trips and falls outside the church onto his back, and Dickie laughs at his suffering. Junior doesn’t appear on film again until the very end after this.

We are made to believe that Harold ordered the hit on Dickie because of their ongoing feud. But as it happens, Junior was the one who ordered Dickie’s murder.

Although it might not be immediately apparent, Junior’s move has a clear purpose, which is also subtly mentioned in the episode.

Out of hatred and envy, Junior killed Dickie. As we see in the film, Dickie steps in as the family’s surrogate father after Tony’s father is imprisoned. Tony worships and reveres Dickie.

Despite Junior’s age, Dickie is superior to him in the workplace and has greater authority over the DiMeo crime family.

Dickie is treated with greater respect than Junior is by even Junior’s brother. Because of all these little things, Junior develops a slight animosity toward Dickie. Junior just reaches a breaking point as a result of the church incident.

The passing of Dickie suggests that Junior will take on Tony’s mentorship. Sadly, we are all aware of how that will turn out in the end.

Does Tony Soprano Know Junior Killed Dickie Moltisanti?

Throughout the series, several individuals inform on the DiMeo crime family, each with their own motivations and fates:

1. Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero

One of Tony’s closest confidantes, he secretly became an FBI informant under immense pressure. Tony eventually discovered this betrayal and had him killed.

2. Adriana La Cerva

Christopher’s passionate but naive fiancé got entangled with the FBI for love and protection. Her guilt and fear ultimately lead to her confession and Tony’s ruthless retaliation.

3. Ray Curto

This high-ranking capo surprisingly remained a successful informant for years without detection. He skillfully juggled loyalties and ultimately escaped consequences, leaving his true allegiance ambiguous.

4. Jimmy Petrille

A low-level associate secretly informs for decades, providing valuable information without directly jeopardizing the family.

His motivation remains unclear, but he disappears before facing repercussions.

Final Words

Whatever the reasons for Junior’s actions, the events of “The Sopranos” are a reminder that our choices have consequences.

Junior’s decision to kill Dickie led to a cycle of violence and revenge that had devastating effects on his family and those around him.