Why Did Ariana Grande Leave the Voice? What Truly Happened?

Why Did Ariana Grande Leave the Voice? On her first season of The Voice, Ariana Grande hoped to be the third coach to win, but that did not happen, and reports that she may not return to the NBC show are growing quickly.

While the singer expressed her gratitude to supporters, there was nothing she could have done to change the outcome, so she bid farewell to her team.

Why Ariana Grande Left the Voice

Ariana Grande only appeared on one season of The Voice, Season 21, which aired in 2021. While she enjoyed the experience and displayed strong coaching skills, she ultimately chose not to return for Season 22 due to several factors.

A primary reason was filming for the live-action musical movie adaptation of “Wicked,” in which Ariana takes the starring role of Glinda. Balancing the demanding schedule of The Voice with such a prominent movie role likely wouldn’t have been feasible.

Furthermore, instructors are often involved in a long-term commitment while coaching the contestants and their films take time.

In the same vein, Ariana talked about the need to have more time to spend with loved ones and do some other personal activities as opposed to facing the tight schedule that the show entailed.

While not expressly mentioned, some assume that Ariana did not foresee the emotional impact of The Voice on her. Coaches are deeply invested in their teams; seeing them eliminated can be emotionally difficult. This and the pressure to win could have influenced her decision.

Who Won the Voice When Ariana Grande Was on?

During Ariana Grande’s tenure as a coach on The Voice, which lasted Season 21 in 2021, the winner was not from Team Ariana. That season’s champion was Girl Named Tom, a sibling three of Caleb, Joshua, and Bekah Liechty coached by Kelly Clarkson.

While Ariana did not make the winning team that season, she still played an important role in the competition.

She assembled a brilliant group of performers, including powerhouse vocalist Wendy Moten and the soulful Jim Ranger.

Her coaching techniques and real connection with her contestants earned accolades from both spectators and fellow coaches.

It’s interesting to note that Kelly Clarkson and Ariana, who had the winning team, are the only female coaches to have won several times on The Voice.

Even though Ariana only appeared in one season of the show, this demonstrates the influence and effectiveness both coaches have had on the program.

Though winning as a team is undeniably an honor, the candidates who were lucky enough to be on Ariana Grande’s team surely benefited from having her as a coach, regardless of the competition’s ultimate result.

Final Words

Ariana Grande’s participation in The Voice was a notable part of her career. She added her own touch to the competition and the girl molded many budding artists with her guidance.

While she was there for only a short time, the mark that she has left on the show and its contestants will steadfastly remain. And who knows? Perhaps someday down the road, she’ll be coaching on The Voice and take her advice to the next level.